DJs, interactive art and 8000 tennis balls: Expect the unexpected at NGV’s Triennial EXTRA

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DJs, interactive art and 8000 tennis balls: Expect the unexpected at NGV’s Triennial EXTRA

triennial extra
Words by Lesleigh Luiten

Triennial EXTRA is the most extravagant way to take in the NGV's monumental exhibition.

The highly anticipated Triennial EXTRA program is set to captivate art enthusiasts and the general public alike with a dynamic fusion of cutting-edge art and design, interactive installations, and thought-provoking performances.

Building on the success of the NGV Triennial, Triennial EXTRA is scheduled to take place at the iconic NGV International from 19 to 28 January 2024 until 11pm every night.

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Over 10 nights artists, performers, DJs, writers and creatives will create new experiences. Visitors can expect performances from 6 to 9pm ranging from live music to spoken word poetry to dance.

Then, from 9 to 11pm there will be some unmissable DJ sets with performances from Sui Zhen, RONA, C.FRIM, and IN2STELLAR among others, transforming the gallery into a dancefloor as the sun goes down.

Whether you’ve already attended the NGV Triennial or not, Triennial EXTRA is an extraordinary program. When considered in combination with the Triennial’s world-renowned artists (from Yoko Ono to Maurizio Cattelan), it re-defines what audiences can expect from a free program and is undoubtedly one of Melbourne’s cultural highlights of the year. Here are some of the unmissable events to see.

Richard Lewer’s Confessions

A convergence of timeless biblical narratives and contemporary art that navigates desire, shame, and original sin, this piece breathes new life into the story of Adam and Eve. Without judgment, Lewer will transform the gallery into a space of introspection and self-expression.

Visitors will share confessions and hopes with the artist who will paint them live and display them on the gallery walls. The significance of this experience is that visitors will have the opportunity to reflect upon their own truths and connect with both ancient and modern narratives. 

Franziska Furter

Over the past two decades, Furter has demonstrated a consistent interest in visualising intangible phenomena, and in this exhibition, she turns her focus to the weather.

Exploring the forces that shape our world, the centrepiece Liquid skies/Gyrwyn demonstrates the beautiful yet destructive nature of hurricanes through a composite of multiple infrared satellite images.

Adding another layer to the exhibition is the ethereal installation Haku, consisting of thousands of hand-threaded glass beads that mimic fog.

This installation was Iinspired by J. M. W. Turner’s atmospheric painting and complemented by historical weather scenes from the NGV Collection.

It explores the interconnectedness between art, nature, and cultural influences. The dual origin of the title, rooted in Japanese and Hawaiian languages, and its connection to Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away adds layers of cultural and personal significance, creating a rich tapestry of meaning.

Let’s Talk About The Weather

Olivia Meehan’s Let’s Talk About the Weather series explores the intersection between art, science and the natural world.

Hosted amidst Furter’s installation, visitors will gain an understanding of the intricate relationship between humanity and nature from a diverse range of guests including writers, curators and scientists.

These conversations become a vital platform for understanding the profound influence of natural forces. The significance of this series lies in its ability to foster a deeper connection with the environment.

David Shrigley: Melbourne Tennis Ball Exchange

The Tennis Ball Exchange is an unmissable experience from the program. The installation is a nod to the pleasures of trading everyday goods, which is a thrill offered to visitors.

Featuring over 8,000 tennis balls being exchanged over 10 days, this interactive display also doubles as an ever-evolving artwork. Participating in the exchange allows visitors to experience art, play and community as one, imparting their individual stores into the installation.

Triennial EXTRA promises to be a transformative experience for all visitors. The program celebrates the power of art and its ability to spark conversation and elicit emotional responses.

Through a combination of diverse perspectives, interactive installations, international collaboration, cultural exchange and socially relevant themes, Triennial EXTRA will captivate, challenge and inspire.

Visitors will leave with not only a deeper appreciation for artistic innovation but also a renewed sense of connection to the world and its myriad stories. 

Triennial EXTRA takes place 19–28 January 2024, open from 6pm until 11pm with free entry. For more information, head here.