Dean Lewis fought off an eye infection to produce a stellar performance for his All Ages crowd

Dean Lewis fought off an eye infection to produce a stellar performance for his All Ages crowd


Dean Lewis’ All Ages show at The Croxton drew plenty of attention with young punters waiting for hours out the front of the venue. An ex-television broadcasting employee prior to his music career, Dean Lewis was quite surprised at the warm welcome he received.

Announcing to the crowd he was significantly ill, he pointed to his left eye. “I wasn’t meant to be playing this show, they told me to stay home and rest”. Star-struck teenagers uttered “I love you” in response, a stark representation of Lewis’ bolstering reputation amongst youthful pop admirers.

Show opener ‘Lose My Mind’ was well received but a good half of the crowd was immersed in another activity, holding their phones aloft as they strived to document the show.

Lewis played a set mostly filled with new music, uncovering many new cuts that stand apart from the sole EP he has to his name. Lyrically, Lewis speaks to themes of love and heartbreak and relationship issues. Musically, it’s got the upbeat Ed Sheeran pop sound with the folk and roots choruses Vance Joy has made famous. At points, I found myself sub-consciously confusing myself with being at a concert of the latter Aussie songster. Though there are similarities between the artists, Lewis somehow finds a way to create new and exciting sounds that he can call his own.

Lewis has forged a strong, female-dominated fanbase which can be put down to his poignant, relatable narratives which prove eloquent and infectious. While the songs as a whole are strong, the concepts behind them eventually get tired, though I still found myself bopping along for stretches of the show.

One of the show’s strongest points was Lewis’ hit track, ‘Be Alright’, one of many songs that have featured across prime-time television around the world. Lewis’ tracks have received playing time on Riverdale, Suits, and Grey’s Anatomy, which comes as no surprise, considering their approachability.

Despite Lewis’ eye infection, he performed solidly, enthralling a youthful following that had waited too long to see their popstar. 

Highlight: Getting to hear all his new stuff

Lowlight: Trying to hear amongst the screams and crying

Crowd Favourite: ‘Half a Man’