Darn Matter

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Darn Matter

Bergy Bandroom

Melbourne instrumental garage-space-toon-brute-pop four-piece Darn Matter are venturing out and hitting the town to celebrate the 40th birthday of evergreen composer / keyboardist Matt Pana.

This weirdo manchild has been prancing around this city performing his keyboard parkour on so many scenes for what looks like an eternity, but feels like a glimmer. And what better way to celebrate lasting this long than with a night of remorseless, exploratory, catchy avant-rock.

After flirting with a bunch of different genres across a number of home-brewed releases, Darn Matter concentrated their sound in 2021 with the album O.S. Eros: an exciting, chugging, twirling, unrelenting album of spacey, cartoonishly-pounding instrumental rock. The band have been writing in preparation for the follow-up release – set to be recorded later this year – and they’re super excited to play a blend of new and older tunes for the occasion.

In support will be Sapphire Street, with their inimitable brand of freak-out, duck-and-weave art/psych rock, and Dopplerhaus delivering some driving grooves, psychedelic electro-rock freak-out jams. Come and be part of a night celebrating the joyful union of rhythm, melody, exploration, reflection and most importantly fun.