Crunch! – March 14, 2012

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Crunch! – March 14, 2012


KUNVUK Call Limp Bizkit Out

So get this: the other day Limp Bizkit announced that they’re working on, and I quote, the “heaviest, most crazy metal record of all time.” Well Sydney-based metallers KUNVUK aren’t gonna let them get away with such an absurd statement. “The audacity of a band like Limp Bizkit to make such an absurd statement is almost incomprehensible,” they said. “It’s the same as if Nickelback were to come out and say that they are relevant to the progression of rock. Or if Marilyn Manson were to come out and say he wasn’t an overweight, passed-his-use-by-date middle-aged drag queen. Usually we wouldn’t give this kind of scum a second thought but Durst has a way of giving grown men hives. Trying to step into the domain of crazy metal? Well I guess you pinched a nerve in me boy.” The band says they’re currently working on their new album and will hand Durst his ass at this endeavour. 

BerzerkerfoX Release EP

Aussie death metallers BerzerkerfoX released their New World Murder EP this week through Norway’s Ovis Records. It starts with an ominous acoustic intro before Inviare De Vedas kicks in, and doesn’t let up. Seriously. It fucking doesn’t let up. Killer guitar work – it’s hard to make harmonies that sound foreboding and dark instead of pretty and skippy – edge-of-insanity vocals, ridiculous blast beats – punchy production – it’s four tracks of deathy death of the deathiest variety.

Pennywise Announce First Post-Jim album

Pennywise release All Or Nothing on April 27 via Epitaph. It’s their first release with new singer Zoli Téglás (Ignite), who stepped in following the departure of longtime vocalist Jim Lindberg. I spoke to guitarist Fletcher Dragge for Beat’s sister publication Mixdown the other day (look for the interview in the April issue) and he said the recording sessions were not without their dramas and arguments, but that things are way more amiable than they were when Jim was around. And the album kicks ass – very energetic and aggressive, with killer melodies which lodged themselves in my cranium immediately and haven’t let up since.

Gig Alert: Unholy Black Friday

When I was a kid we used to observe Good Friday by getting fish’n’chips instead of eating meat. Then we got lazy and the occasional battered sav or dim sim would slip through. Then after a few years all bets were off. You can observe Good Friday on Friday April 6 in similarly blasphemous fashion at the Bendigo Hotel, Collingwood with Unholy Good Friday, featuring Hobbs Angel Of Death, Nothing Sacred, Desecrator, Harlott, Malakyte and Blackened. Malakyte is a Brisbane thrash/speed metal band and this is their first interstate trip. Go along and give them a warm welcome.

Gig Alert: Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy are touring Australia soon in support of last year’s Khaos Legions album, and the band just announced the departure (again) of guitarist Christopher Amott. His replacement is Nick Cordle from Arsis. This tour will be your last chance to see the band for a while, as Michael Amott told me the other day: “2013 is going to be a year off for Arch Enemy mostly. We’ll probably put out a new album in 2014. So I don’t know, maybe 2015 we’ll be back, if metal is still around at that point!” Arch Enemy play on Tuesday May 1 at Billboard The Venue with Teramaze & Elysian.

Gig Alert: Heaven The Axe

Heaven The Axe (fronted by Phoebe Pinnock) play a headline show at the Espy on Saturday March 31 with Don Fernanado, The Deep End, King of The North and Dead Star Renegade. They’re currently promoting their debut release Sex, Chugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll.


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