Creek’s debut album spans the broad spectrum of rock

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Creek’s debut album spans the broad spectrum of rock

Words by Caitlyn Hynes

A debut album is a huge deal for anyone. It is typically a cathartic body of work that inherently showcases the inner workings of an artist or band. Melbourne alt-blues rockers Creek, through their newly released debut album The Deep, reflect this journey.

Hailing from Melbourne, the four-piece have drawn inspiration from a plethora of genres, developing from a predominantly blues-rock focus to a mixture of psychedelic and prog rock. The Deep calls upon experimental yet classic guitar riffs, perfectly accompanied by a distinct vocal range that harkens Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale.

The Deep and Creek’s overall vibe both hold many similarities to Wolfmother and their debut self-titled album, making way for a balanced recipe of captivating musicianship, intriguing storytelling and classic rock tunes that you can sink your teeth into.

When it comes to a purpose or message behind their debut album, Creek’s guitarist and vocalist Dylan Breshears explains that, “Being our debut album, we initially threw a collection of different songs together.

“It wasn’t really based on a concept originally, but as time went on, we came up with of this swamp siren, which was this creature who would lure in her victims for the good of the land.

“From there, we kept that idea up through album artwork and through new songs that called upon this visual representation of what this siren would be like.”

This concept and its elusive figure are visually represented in Creek’s video clip for their single ‘The Deep’.

Like the development of this treacherous swamp siren, Creek have grown and matured over the years. Their evolution is evident across the album, which combines new and older singles.

“When we started, we were straight-up blues-rock, but as time went on we wanted to try different things, so we started getting more creative. The songs then became more psychedelic and prog rock.

“Everybody in the band has different influences, so the album has become an amalgamation of what we thought we were and what we have become.”

As they bathe in the glow that comes from knowing your debut album is out in the world for people to feast on, Creek will officially launch The Deep and more at Brunswick’s Bombay Rock come February 8, 2020.

“We’re really excited about this release. It opens a door for us to [perform] newer content and continue on the same train of thought from when we started creating these new ideas. We can’t wait for this album to get out in the world so that people can check it out and dig on the songs, lyrics, everything.

“Bombay Rock perfectly represents what we’re feeling and hopefully it encourages people to come in, listen and groove along with us.”

But what’s in store for Creek after riding the high of their debut release? Breshear confirms that, “Right now, we’re slowly getting new ideas for songs. Some of the new ideas are little folkier, but it’s all a mix of what we’ve been doing so far and what we’re keen to explore.

“So moving forward, we’ll work hard on getting those songs created.”

The Deep is now available for listening on all major streaming platforms. Enjoy the creativity behind singles like ‘The Deep’, which emulates a style similar to that of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’.

Be sure to lend an ear to ‘If You Mean To Find Love (Look Through My Window)’, because as Breshear explains, “We’ve worked hard on vocal harmonies together as a band and we’re keen to see what people think of this song.”

Creek will officially launch The Deep at Bombay Rock on Saturday February 8. Listen to The Deep and keep up with Creek at