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What’s the story behind Creative Records? Christopher Wiseman left behind a 20 year career making music for other people to focus on bands he was truly passionate about. Aimee Harman joined the company to handle the management and bookings for artists we love. We exist solely to help bands leave a lasting legacy of great songs, and great performances.


What were the best things you saw in music in 2016? Luke Million posted a jam of the Stranger Things theme, played live – no loops, no laptops. Find it, love it.


Do you have any thoughts on who you think will take the crown for the Hottest 100? We think Flume’s track, Never Be Like You stands a great chance of taking out number 1. He has been an electronic darling for a number of years, and is now breaking international markets and reaching a broader commercial audience. However, we love the energy behind The Delta Riggs.

What are Creative Records’ goals for 2017?
Expect some killer releases, with Sienna Wild’s debut EP first off the bat in March. #bringbacktherock.

What do you look for in an artist that makes you want them to join Creative Records? We want people who are first and foremost driven to be on stage, in the studio, and sounding fantastic. Many artists are happy to accept the Monday night vibe, and that’s cool. But we’re here for those of you that want Rod Laver someday.