‘Creating A Scene’ is what happens when you mix gin and painting

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‘Creating A Scene’ is what happens when you mix gin and painting

If you had to pitch your exhibition to a stranger, what would you say?

Feel like sliding down the shower into a slumped wet mess tonight? Of course you do – gin-soak yourself at CREATING A SCENE, an exhibition by Vivienne.

Tell us two truths and one lie?

The only things I can do are paint, cry silently, whisper sweet nothings into a filled-to-the-brim tumbler of gin, and slide down the shower wall into a slumped wet mess; I’ve been taking ice baths with athletes as therapy for creative exhaustion. It works well even with the risk of hypothermia; my September 12 launch is a dry event.

Who absolutely should not come to your exhibition?

My ex-wife and my agent.

What motivated you to get involved with Melbourne Fringe in the first place?

Matthew Grant, the curator of KaDo Warehouse, challenged me to put on an exhibition the night we met. I accepted then ordered a rosewater gin martini to cement the idea in my mind.

Has there been someone influential, who has helped shape your direction?

I’ve been studying Ayn Rand for years. I like it when she says, “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” I also like SOPHIE; I’m thinking about doing a spoof of her music video for ‘Ponyboy’ with my friend, but I’d have to do the flips as he’s 85kg from bulking. I’ll show you a photo if you like?

Check out CREATING A SCENE at KaDo Warehouse from 4pm – 9pm Thursdays to Sundays between September 12 and September 29. On the 12th there will be a launch party from 6pm. The exhibition is free.