Create the perfect gift box for your Valentine with PersonallyPicked

Create the perfect gift box for your Valentine with PersonallyPicked

© Jessica Roberts & Crystal Oliver
Words by Eva Marchingo

Show your Valentine how well you know them.

If you and your partner, best-friend, or lover share a relationship unlike any other, your gift should illustrate that. Enter PersonallyPicked, the personalised gift box shop brought to you by two Melbourne-based girl bosses.

Shaking up the gift-giving game, PersonallyPicked puts you, the customer, in the driver’s seat, curating your own gift box from start to finish. The gifting experts at PersonallyPicked source unique products for their gift boxes, allowing you to create a gift that is personal in every way.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, PersonallyPicked have a build-your-own Valentine’s Day gift box feature where you can choose packaging and products that suit your Valentine, whoever they may be.

Whether you’re finding a gift for a hard-to-buy-for boyfriend or Valentine’s Day grinch or trying to fill big expectations for a V-Day connoisseur, Personally Picked has you covered. PersonallyPicked have also curated four limited edition gift boxes if you’re overwhelmed by choice.

With over 100 products for you to choose from, all sourced from local and boutique Australian businesses and global leading brands, finding the perfect gift for your Valentine or Galentine is easy.

Their faces will light up even before unboxing, with bright and beautiful personalised packaging and options to put their name on the box itself or adding your own personal card.

Show your Valentine how well you know them by giving them a personalised gift box from PersonallyPicked. They’ll love it almost as much as they love you.

Head to the PersonallyPicked website to get started on your own personal gift box.