A symbol of undying love, The Eternity Rose is one flower that will never wilt

A symbol of undying love, The Eternity Rose is one flower that will never wilt

Words by Eva Marchingo

It’s not just diamonds that are forever.

Flowers may seem like an uninspired Valentine’s Day gift – their beauty only lasting a few days before wilting – but The Eternity Rose is redefining the role of flowers as a celebratory gift.

They specialise in gold-dipped and glazed roses, the perfect adventurous and creative gift for your Valentine.

Roses are a ubiquitous symbol of love, emotion, and beauty, and The Eternity Rose is making sure that symbol is undying. Combined with gold, their roses immortalise the very essence of luxury and sentiment.

What’s more, their range spans across all budgets. Because while your love may know no bounds, your wallet might. The Eternity Rose have gorgeous pendants made from real rose petals, which are glazed and gold-trimmed.

The Eternity Rose uses real roses grown in their own nursery to create their products. Sparing no expense, their roses are nurtured by trained horticulturalists to make sure every rose grows to be exceptional.

For an extra special gift, combine a gold-dipped rose with a pendant and earrings.

The best part about The Eternity Rose is that each gift can be customised to suit your needs. You can mix and match colours to your heart’s content, having your product glazed in red, purple, pink, or blue. And that’s just the beginning.

If there’s one word to describe the magic of The Eternity Rose, it’s timeless. Like all roses, they express lust and love, but their everlasting beauty makes them a step above the rest.

As your relationship continues to bloom, your keepsake from The Eternity Rose will be an enduring reminder of the love you share.

Check out The Eternity Rose’s range and find out more via their website.