Contemporary piano composer Borrtex announces new record, ‘Harmony’

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Contemporary piano composer Borrtex announces new record, ‘Harmony’

The Prague-based pianist has provided a glimpse of his forthcoming LP with the new single, ‘Fluid’.

Contemporary piano composer Borrtex has announced a new solo record, Harmony, due for release on Sunday December 20. Accompanying the news of the impending LP, the Prague-based musician has also revealed the first single from the album, ‘Fluid’.

Having taken up piano lessons at the age of six, Borrtex began releasing his compositions in 2017. In the years since, he has created a diverse catalogue spanning film scores, minimalistic melodies and modern classical music, amassing over one million streams on some of the world’s biggest streaming platforms.

His new record, Harmony, sees Borrtex further solidifying his blossoming reputation as a composer, comprising 12 piano pieces varying in intensity, style and speed.

“This solo record is very special to me, most of the ideas came down pretty unexpectedly while I was improvising on my new custom-built upright piano,” he says

“The creative process felt very enriching and liberating as I was just enjoying it! I truly do believe that my work is going to bring value to other people and hopefully they will enjoy it as well.”

A promising taste of the record, ‘Fluid’ features a warm, textural melody of layered, jaunty keys, highlighting Borrtex’s captivating talent and sharp ear.

Listen to ‘Fluid’ below.

Harmony is out on Sunday December 20. For more from Borrtex, check out his Spotify

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