Comfort Food Cabaret

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Comfort Food Cabaret


Tell us about your show Comfort Food Cabaret is a dinner party cabaret where guests are treated to a three-course meal, wine, beer, storytelling and song weaved throughout the dinner service too. I’m a singer and a cook and both passions rival one another. Comfort Food Cabaret is the result of combining the two.


Has the show turned out how you envisioned? The show is so much more than what I thought it would be – creatively and professionally.  It has been extremely successful in other states and has opened many doors for me within cabaret and cooking. These are two things that don’t generally cross over, but it works.


What’s a fun fact about the show? All the songs and stories relate to me personally; romantic encounters, touching and hilarious experiences. Then we cook a recipe that has something to do with that story. I also spend all day cooking the food. It’s the most intense and hectic thing I’ve ever done.


How have the events in your life turned into material? I’ve always loved cooking so memories of learning recipes with family feature in the show. There’s a story about my awkward first kiss and also my first impressions of my fiancée that all somehow relate to food and a particular recipe. They both feature in the show too.