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He has come a long way since then. Krumins featured in Knowledge Magazine’s Top 10 Producers to watch out for in 2010. His new label will have distribution through the well established company ST Holdings. With support from Grooverider, DJ Hype, DJ Die, DJ Brockie, Nicky Blackmarket, Doc Scott, Fabio, and DJ SS amongst others things are already going well.

The journey has been a good one for Krumins. In 2007 was selected to be part of Red Bull Music Academy in Canada. After spent time with legends like Carl Craig, Theo Parrish, Waajeed plus more he says he learned the importance of musical individuality.”In the past I wanted to write tunes like DJ Hazard or like DJ Die, etc. Going to RBMA and listening to such a wide range of people made me think more about being myself. That’s the whole point really with writing music and life. It’s about expressing yourself and being happy in who you are and what you believe.I think it’s part of getting older too. I think in life we are bombarded with advertising saying you should look like this or be a certain way. Since I’ve begun expressing myself more I’ve definitely become a happier person.”

Things fell into place for Krumins after that when he spent time in the UK with drum and bass pioneers Generation Dub. That culminated in releasing a tune on their label, Blueprint. Once he had played at legendary nights like Subdub over there he knew there was no going back to bad soundsystems. Luckily he met Derek Heartical who had just completed the first stage of his massive soundsystem. They created Wobble together and the monthly night has gone from strength-to-strength. “Wobble was created with the intention of being a party in the right environment, with proper sound for the people,” he explains. “So they could experience the music the way it is intended to be a heard. Quite honestly, most clubs in Melbourne don’t have soundsystems up to the task of playing the music we play. The subs gotta’ be moving air!”

Looking back on the growth of Wobble, Krumins just loves the feel of the night. “It’s just the vibes man! There have been so many great parties. When people have come up to me and said that they have had a really good night that’s what it’s all about. It makes it all worthwhile to know that so many people have had a great time at Wobble. With the soundsystem and the music Wobble has been representing since 2007 I’m really Proud we have contributed something special to the Melbourne music scene. We want to keep going the same as always – bass music with soul! Personally, I’m really impressed with some of the young talent around town. DJ’s such as Ouch are playing some solid, funky sets. I want to represent quality local artists and give them the opportunity to play on a proper soundsystem and further develop their careers.”

As for the popularity of bass oriented shows, Krumins thinks it is a good thing. “There are a lot more crews putting on bass parties these days. I’ve been around for a long time now and I’ve seen a lot of people come and go. I think the current popularity is great for Melbourne and great for Wobble. We stick to our values in what we believe is high quality – from our sound to our artists, our decor and our vibe.”

Krumins decided to start Colours Recordings because he felt there was something unique that he has to contribute. “Over the last few years, whilst DJing, my tunes have been having an impact on the dance. My sound is a bit different to other producers. I record my own drum hits myself and write a lot of tunes specifically to fill holes in my sets and go between other tunes. For example, if I want something to play between a Danny Byrd tune and an Original Sin tune I will write something for that specific vibe. About two years ago a close friend of mine, DJ Raider, suggested I start my own label. At first I thought it was a bit much but then I came around and decided to go ahead with it. It’s exciting man! Thinking back to buying tunes like 14 years ago on vinyl, I feel honoured to be contributing to the drum and bass scene.”

Does he worry about the label detracting from his ability to concentrate on his own tunes and growth as an artist? “No, not at all man. It seems to be doing the opposite. I’m putting a lot more work into the detail of my tunes now. I think my sound now is more specific than ever. I’m really enjoying the process of deciding which tunes I release on Colours. In the past, when I wrote a tune it was just vibes. Now when I write a tune it’s still vibes but I think more globally and specifically what I want the Label to represent. If anything starting the label has given me more inspiration to write music.”

The whole idea of labels has been pretty drastically rocked by digital downloads and the changing economy over the last ten years. “The way it is today with digital downloads is good and bad,” reflects Krumins. “In a way yeah, I wish the industry was still all vinyl. I love the feel and sound of vinyl and the process of going to your local record shop and buying those limited runs of white label tunes. In the old days I think the quality of music you heard in clubs was better because nearly everything was mastered professionally and cut to vinyl. On the other hand it’s good because someone in say Canada might write an amazing tune and be able to get it to a big DJ who will play it at a big rave. In the past that may not had been possible.”

Krumins is keeping details of the next few releases quiet for now but he reveals that he has a new project. “Drum and bass wise I’m just concentrating on Colours and the next few releases. There’s a side project I am working on with a close friend MC Scotty Hinds. We’re having a great time recording it. It’s all 140BPM. Look out for it, Dr. No + Minister EP.”