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Colin Lane


Aptly titled and with the promise of plenty of variety and hilarity, Colin Lane and Friends is simply feel good entertainment. “It’s a celebration of 30 years of the comedy festival,” says Colin. “I’m pretty much curating an evening where I do some shtick, and then I introduce people that I’ve admired and known for a while.”

The show promises stand-up veterans aplenty. Punters will be spoilt with three different comedians taking the stage alongside Colin, each night. In fact, avid comedy-goers could treat themselves to three nights in a row, and would not be disappointed with the new string of guests at each show. With a career that is as long and versatile as Lane’s, audiences would be right to think that he has made illustrious and hilarious friends along the way.


Lane jokes that to a young audience, his line up might resemble a group from an old people’s home. However, household names including Peter Rowsthorn, Glenn Robbins and Denise Scott, among others, and are all set to feature in Colin and Friends, and there is no doubt that Lane is excited to be sharing the stage again with not only some of his mates, but his comedic idols.


I’ve known Peter Rowsthorn for many years, and in some ways I borderline worshipped him,” says Lane. “He was doing shows at the Last Laugh in Collingwood in the ’80s and I remember thinking, ‘Oh my God, I just want to be you.’”


Also in awe of Glenn Robbins’ oh-so-natural funny bone and enduring career, Lane is thrilled to be sharing the stage with another comedian of such acclaim.


Nazeem Hussain, a more recent face to the comedy circuit, but no less recognisable, is also one of Lanes’ friends and will surprise audiences on one of the three nights. With variety at the heart of the show, audiences can look forward to a piano gracing the stage, with songs and even multimedia adding to the diversity of the show.


I don’t want to undermine what we’re doing but [the audience] aren’t going to have to think too much,” he says. “I just want people to go out knowing that they’ve had a rollicking good night, knowing that they’ve seen a good variety of funny comedians.”