Clara Fable: Anxiety, dancefloors and gothic dance collaborations

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Clara Fable: Anxiety, dancefloors and gothic dance collaborations

Clara Fable

Clara Fable has some serious queer vampire energy happening in new single, 'Escape'.

LGBTQIA+ singer/songwriter Clara Fable toys with entirely new and exciting sounds in her JaySounds collaborative track ‘Escape.’ After spending most of the lockdown in Sydney playing horror-themed video games, Fable got her inspiration for new music from “the synthy, ethereal soundtrack” of horror games.

“I decided that would be the perfect start for my heavily metaphoric lyrics,” she says. “I wanted to address multiple social issues (pandemic, ageism, sexism) and really encapsulate the feeling of anxiety surrounded by these topics.”

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Teaming up with prolific Australian producer JaySounds,‘Escape’ is a synth-heavy dance track and direct reference to escaping lockdowns and breaking out of the box of being seen as only making pop music.

Breaking free of genre boundaries, ‘Escape’ has a punchy energy, with Fable’s influences of Kim Petras’ ‘Turn off the Light’ album at the forefront.

“Kim Petras is a large inspiration of mine. Her catchy melodies and spooky instrumentals… really pushed me out of my comfort zone and into this new realm! I’m also inspired by people! Friends, family, strangers in the street, characters in movies! They’ve all got stories to tell and some I envision all on my own for them too!”

The follow up to her recent feature on ‘Monster’ by Lexxe, ‘Escape’ takes the listener on a dark journey, weaving a subtle tale of running away from and towards something simultaneously. The lyrics “I’m in over my head, I thought you were dead” playback over and over again in my head as I imagine the vampire-core esque Fable taking the stage in a dark lit club. She really gives off the coolest vibes.

The overall dance-pop track is punchy and forthright in a way that truly intrigues the listener and takes them into another world, encouraging them to face their inner demons and societal pressures and challenge them. 

Fable, recently announced as ambassador for Shudder (Horror Streaming Service) and Dragula (Horror Drag Show) as well as a finalist for APRA x Mardi Gras Express Yourself Showcase, has charted at #4 on iTunes Dance Charts track and is the perfect vibe for late summer nights.

Fable has made her music unique to her brand where she combines her love of theatre and her passion for horror and alternative artistic expression.

As for what’s next? Fable reckons she “needs a world stage, a tour! [Fable] wants to bring the joy and art of creative visuals, insane theatrics, LOTS of fake blood and killer stories to everyone. I want everyone to step into my world, let their hair down and be whoever the fuck they want to be and celebrate it!”

Out of lockdown and ready to rock, Fable is set to co-headline AltFest Sydney + AltFest Central Coast along with a string of high profile DJ bookings in some of Sydney’s most exclusive venues. So definitely keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Victorian shows.

Listen to her latest single ‘Escape’ hereWhile you’re at it, check out Clara Fables socials here.