Catch a free film with $15 jugs at Cafe Gummo tonight

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Catch a free film with $15 jugs at Cafe Gummo tonight

Cafe Gummo
From 'Sorry To Bother You' (2018)

They're playing the surrealist dark comedy 'Sorry To Bother You' and serving up $15 jugs tonight.

Cafe Gummo – a bastion of High Street – are hosting a free film night complete with $15 jugs. From 7:30 tonight, they’re playing the American surrealist black comedy film Sorry To Bother You. It’s the debut film written and directed by Boots Riley that follows a young black telemarketer who adopts a white accent to succeed his job, it’s an absurdist story of corporate conspiracy, profit, activism and organised labour.

What you need to know

  • Cafe Gummo are hosting a free movie tonight
  • They’re playing the 2018 surrealist comedy Sorry To Bother You
  • It all goes down from 7:30 tonight – July 27

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A refreshing, utterly creative film about the gruelling reality of working in a call-centre, Sorry To Bother You touches on everything from race, culture, untamed greed, an alternate future to … horse-humans.

A wonderfully written and stylistic debut from Boots Riley of The Coup – an American band that blends hip hop, funk, punk and soul. They burst onto the scene with their 1993 album Kill My Landlord. With their songs critiquing, observing and lampooning capitalism, police brutality, American politics and more, they released their concept album Sorry To Bother You in 2012, that was inspired by the screenplay that Boots Riley wrote that was inspired by his time spent working as a telemarketer.

Located at 711 High Street, Thornbury, Cafe Gummo are known for their live music gigs, tapas and wild parties. Self described as “the filthy princess of Thornbury”, they have these free film events every weekend. They’re open from Thursday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday and Sunday from 3pm. An explicitly facist-free bar, they have a diverse range of live shows including rock’n’roll, electro, hip-hop, oi, darkwave, ska/reggae, metal, rembetika, Balkan Brass, blues/roots, karaoke and queer parties, as well as many fundraisers for important organisations.

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