Cable Ties returned to the Melbourne stage and were, in a word, incredible

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Cable Ties returned to the Melbourne stage and were, in a word, incredible

Cable Ties
Forum Melbourne
Forum Melbourne
Little Ugly Girls
1 / 5
Words By Luke Carlino
Pics by David Harris

The long-awaited show was delivered with the unbridled intensity that only months of no live shows can create.

After initial delays resulting from Melbourne’s recent snap lockdown, Cable Ties were finally able to execute their long-awaited shows at The Forum – ones which would showcase their stellar 2021 album, Far Enough, live for the first time.

Those in attendance were treated to a night of Melbourne post-punk delivered with the unbridled intensity that only months of no live shows can create. Opening act MOD CON seemed to have both the crowd and other bands very excited by their appearance as they delivered their hazy-yet-melodic rock.

The most impressive feature of their opening set was drummer Raquel Solier, who delivered a technical drumming style that you do not often see in this genre. It was beyond entertaining to watch and really helped to set the band apart.

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No one under the deep blue sky of The Forum was ready for what came next. Little Ugly Girls, who appear on a live stage as often as Dan Andrews successfully navigates a staircase, turned the intensity level way, way up. Delivering chaos in the best way possible, their heavier take on post-punk was erratic, to say the least. A perfect example of music that was created in a dive bar translating well to one of our finest stages, this performance was something special for all who witnessed it.

Finally, Cable Ties were able to take the stage, and it became immediately apparent that they were more than comfortable and ready to assume this level of performance. No one could ever say that the three-piece are short on dynamic rhythms, and the sweet irony in the show being seated was not lost. It did not, however, matter. Cable Ties are a band to dance to, something that is evident more-so in a live setting than on record. The crowd indulged, and the seating became pointless from the first song onwards.

There is something about the Cable Ties sound that is both discomforting and comforting at the same time. Jenny McKechnie may be one of the finest songwriters we have at the moment, and her powerful vocals easily take the spotlight in every track. Nick Brown’s bass parts are the lifeline you can hold onto to get through it all. Brooding yet melodic, they are the unsung hero of every song. 

The set as a whole played out much like an individual Cable Ties song might. A menacing, slow build that has an impactful and devastating end. If you ever needed something to get you through a mundane Tuesday night, try and find a place where McKechnie is screaming at you. Congrats, Cable Ties, you’re a Forum headline band now, and it’s well-deserved.

Highlight: The chaotic surprise that was Little Ugly Girls

Lowlight: Those pesky seats while I’m trying to shake my booty to Cable Ties

Crowd favourite: The up-and-coming opener MOD CON

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