Bully : Losing

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Bully : Losing


Their debut LP, 2015’s Feels Like, created a thoroughly enjoyable balance between team captain Alicia Bognanno’s intimate lyrics, masterful use of catchy pop hooks and the sheer adrenaline of ‘90s Seattle-influenced rock. Picking up two years later, all of those key elements are still on display on, however the amount of stage time they have since clocked up finds them emboldened and full of well-applied tension.

Losing sounds as if it was recorded with the band all in one room with their amps turned way up, managing to capture the focused energy of their live shows better than ever. The dynamic nature of Bognanno’s vocal performance throughout is incredible – one minute she’s sneering into the mic and the next creating sweet backing vocal harmonies for herself, like both of the Pixies’ vocalists combined.

However it’s the power of her scream that really impresses, and she uses it a lot throughout these 12 tracks, issuing a raw power that excites without taking away from the catchiness of the poppier material, like the single ‘Feel the Same’.