Brunswick Ballroom offering two-for-one tickets to Fools and The Meltdown

Brunswick Ballroom offering two-for-one tickets to Fools and The Meltdown

The Meltdown

If you want to check out mesmerising 13-piece Melbourne rock'n'rollers Fools alongside soul group The Meltdown, here's an offer you can't refuse.

The Ballroom’s offering twofas to get you and a mate into Fools’ album launch this weekend, where they’ll be supported by the smooth soulful stylings of fellow Melbourne favourites The Meltdown.

Fools will be launching their debut soul-and-Americana infused album and The Meltdown will be playing classic tracks from their 2017 eponymous record this Friday 21 January at 6:30PM.

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It’ll be one of your last chances to see both bands before they set off on national tours. Plus, you’re getting two tickets for the price of one – if you miss this you’re a fool and you’re headed for a meltdown. Fuck, what have we become?

The rules are simple: present a valid ticket and a valid mate (i.e. double dosed) and they’ll let them in for free.

Even better, convince your mate to buy a ticket and you’ll get in for free. The other rules still apply though of course: no dancing, masks, and a density quotient among others.

However despite the weirdness, this is a fantastic chance to support an iconic Melbourne venue that’s just reopening, alongside two equally brilliant Melbourne bands, who’ll still put on a massive show despite the forcibly stagnant audience.

To grab a ticket, head here.