British India are playing The Espy next month with LOSER

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British India are playing The Espy next month with LOSER

British India
Words by Staff Writer

Melbourne rockers British India and LOSER are playing The Espy's Gershwin Room on September 28, the day before Grand Final Friday's public holiday.

They’ve played basically every festival in the country and headlined more than 800 shows. Now they’re coming to St Kilda.

British India and LOSER

  • Espy Gershwin (St Kilda, VIC)
  • Thursday, 28 September 8pm
  • Tickets here

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Dating back to their 2007 debut Guillotine, British India have always strived to produce albums they can be proud of. “I look at successful music, and sometimes the lyrics feel like they’re an afterthought,” British India frontman Declan Melia told us a while back.

“You can get tricked into this mentality where you think that stupidity sells or that the lowest common denominator stuff is what it takes to get yourself heard on the radio, or to get 80 million downloads. Our credo from the beginning is to always try to be the antithesis of that. Especially in this country, pop music should be intelligent and clever – we should aim a little higher. I hope we never fall into that trap. Songs don’t need to be stupid to be accessible.”

With a massive repertoire of ARIA top 10 albums and numerous hit singles, they’ve succeeded in spades and their longevity has always evidenced the songwriting talent that backs the group.

“I’d rather take a holiday than release a crappy album,” he once told us. “I’d rather take five years off than release a crappy album. But take five years off and then it’s a comeback. I don’t like the idea of being a comeback band, I like the idea of being an always band.

“It’s a crazy concept. In this country, I can’t see a precedent for us except this crazy idea that we keep up and don’t stop. A band of our level, I like the idea of it, I want to see what happens. It’s a crazy idea, but what happens if you don’t quit?”

Likewise LOSER have gone from strength to strength, combining threads of other favourites like Oasis, Wheezer, blink-182 and Smashing Pumpkins.

Following their 2020 Australian Music Prize-nominated effort Mindless Joy, All The Rage offered a powerfully honest and emotive distillation of who LOSER are, especially so for singer-shredder Tim Maxwell.

Tickets here.