Blanco White announces first ever Australian dates

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Blanco White announces first ever Australian dates

blanco white
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“Music has always been my vehicle for getting in touch with the transcendent, the mystical and the spiritual.”

Blanco White is set to make his Australian debut in February next year. The highly-anticipated tour will take him to three vibrant cities down under, including Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Catch him at Melbourne’s own Night Cat on February 20.

Blanco White Australian tour

  • February 20 – The Night Cat, Melbourne
  • February 21 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
  • February 22 – The Zoo, Brisbane

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Blanco White, born as Josh Edwards in London, embarked on his musical journey back in 2014. His unique blend of Andalusian and Latin American musical elements, coupled with his English roots, has been captivating audiences worldwide.

Edwards’ passion for music led him to study the guitar in Cádiz, Spain, and later the charango in Sucre, Bolivia, laying the foundation for his distinctive sound.

From the ethereal melodies of The Wind Rose EP to the enchanting recent single Papillon, his music has evolved, promising an even more mesmerising journey with his upcoming self-produced debut album.

Blanco White’s unique fusion of Latin American and Andalusian folk music has earned him a special place in the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world. As he prepares to unveil Tarifa and embark on his Australian tour, fans can anticipate an extraordinary musical journey that transcends borders and cultures, all brought to life by Blanco White’s enchanting melodies and poetic lyrics.

“Music has always been my vehicle for getting in touch with the transcendent, the mystical and the spiritual” Edwards says. “Especially when you’re pairing it with big reverbs or temple-like spaces designed to help us get in touch with those feelings.

“That’s kind of how the music is often guiding what I’m writing about. With synthesisers, those spaces can take on a cosmic feel too, something I always felt that song Giordano’s Dream had. I’m fascinated by sci-fi and space, and think about that stuff a lot.”

It all goes down at The Night Cat on February 20. For more information, head here.