Bianka Ismailovski: Like Godzilla

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Bianka Ismailovski: Like Godzilla

This event is part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Session Times:
Mon: 7:50pm
No Session
Wed – Sat:
Sun: 6:50pm

Society thinks its biggest threat is global warming. But what they should really be afraid of is a sexually liberated, fiercely independent and comfortably dressed woman who refuses to live life the way society demands of her.

Divorced, queer, non-monogamous and purposefully child-free, Bianka Ismailovski is the exact opposite of everything she has always been told to be as a woman.

Comedian, broadcaster and actor Bianka’s sharp wit, bite-sized sketches and sassy, sex- and body-positive clips have earned her close to 20,000 followers across social media.

The Sad and Sexy podcast co-host has gathered a dedicated audience thanks to her openness in sharing everything from her newly-discovered sexual orientation and having group sex to being ethically non-monogamous. Never shy of sharing the darker moments, too, Bianka invites us all to treat ourselves more kindly and live our best lives.

Come along with her as she tells you what life is like when you break free of society’s expectations, shatter the patriarchy to the ground and walk around this place Like Godzilla.