Bianka Ismailovski & Maryellen: Open Bike

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Bianka Ismailovski & Maryellen: Open Bike

Open Bike

This event is part of the 2023 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Session Times:
Sun 2 Apr: 3pm, 5pm
Sun 9 Apr:
3pm, 5pm
Sun 16 Apr:
3pm, 5pm
Sun 23 Apr:
3pm, 5pm

An open mic… on a bike.

Is this a joke? Yes, yes it is. Now let’s do this!

Having lived another life as a spin instructor, Maryellen guides an open mic comedy spin class, with her ‘Sad & Sexy’ podcast co-host Bianka Ismailovski by her side. This hilariously surreal setting takes comedy out of context, putting laughter in new spaces and the microphone in new faces.

It’s a social experiment for audiences and comedians alike – everyone comes out a hero in this safe, ego-free, ridiculous spin class environment. A ‘ride’ for all fitness levels and all comedic levels, from experienced comedians to total newbies, all being put under the same pressure cooker test.

From the creator of Bits & Pieces, a platform for women and underrepresented comedians, Open Bike is an inclusive, fun and novel space where both comics and audience are outside of their comfort zone and no one is left behind. Whether you choose to be a backseat bandit or a front row energiser bunny, this endorphin overdose is sure to leave you on a high!

All fitness levels welcome, no prior experience required. You do not need to be fit, just up for a ridiculous laugh and enthusiastic!

Come along solo or with your ride-or-die. Come for the laughs, stay for the endorphins.