Bergy Bandroom’s 1st Birthday Celebration

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Bergy Bandroom’s 1st Birthday Celebration

How time flies? What a whirlwind first year it has been for the Bergy Bandroom. With the mad rush to be open last year for the Sydney Road Street Party, we have finally settled into the new bandroom and now its time to celebrate an incredible first year on Friday the 1st of March!

The 200 ticketed space has hosted so many great acts in our first turn around the sun. Highlighted by amazing shows by headlining bands such as Terminal Sleep, Flyying Colours, Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice, Hacker and Khan to name a few. And with 2024 off to a flying start, there is plenty instore for our 2nd year!

For our birthday show we have collaborated two of our favourite acts in our first year to have graced our stage with energetic power pop rockers, Raging Hormones and Bergy regulars from the beginning, The Maggie Pills, who both knocked it out of the park with massive shows last year!

Joining them is the classic 70s Rock and roll vibes that is Cheeky-B, who have been on the Berg’s watch list as an act we must have on our stage!

In the beer garden, the emphatic MOTS DJS will swing their funky disco beats to get you grooving all night long. The DJ Duo are party legends to us at the Berg, and it’s a pleasure to have them anytime they’re behind the decks.

The Friday before the Street Party will forever now be known as the Bergy Bandroom’s birthday. We are committed to bringing more great live acts in our 2nd year and it deserves to be championed what we have accomplished. Come and celebrate it with us!