Beat’s guide to Progfest 2018

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Beat’s guide to Progfest 2018



Progfest’s first ever international headliner, Norway’s Leprous have come into their own o the back of their new album Malina. Featuring sophisticated and intricate textures that are woven around sublime harmonies and rolling post-rock rhythms.

Atlantis Stage 11-12.20 


With six albums under their wings and constant appearances at global festivals, supporting the likes of Opeth and Deftones and multiple national tours of their own, Perth prog masters Voyager have honed their live act to perfection.

Atlantis Stage 9.30 – 10



Imagine floating through the cosmos, out of body and out of mind on a space trip shaped by mutant riffs, driven by tribal percussion and a shamanistic feel – that’s what you’re in for with Melbourne tribal space rockers AlithiA.

Main Stage 8 -8.30


Orsome Welles 

Merging progressive music with an early 20th-century panache, pounding grooves, intricate instrumentality and raw uncaged power — this Melbourne experimental creative defy classification. ?

Poseidon Stage 10.15 – 10.45


Off the back of their latest release GOOD, Melbourne singer-instrumentalist Michael Mills and his prog-power trio will combine otherworldly vocals, bizarre storytelling lyrics, stadium-worthy guitar melodies and driving classic rock rhythms for one huge set.

Poseidon Stage 8.45 – 9.15



These Sydney instrumental post-rockers seamlessly blend guitar-driven ambient soundscapes, hard-rock, electronic and psychedelic music with a striking visual element.

Atlantis Stage 6.30 – 7


Branch Arterial

Following near life-ending experiences for two of their members, Branch Arterial have combined their unique sound and desire to push musical boundaries on their latest album Beyond The Border.  This one will get your spine tingling.

Poseidon Stage 7.15 – 7.45



Adelaide’s foremost progressive metal act has crafted a unique sound among their peers. Their breathtaking motifs and intricate rhythms have led to them sharing the stage with kings of the global progressive scene.

Poseidon Stage 5.45-6.15


From soaring, classically-trained vocals, to effect-driven rhythms and chunky riffs surrounded by ambient layers, Melbourne’s Acolyte bring plenty of theatre to their prog-rock sound.

Atlantis Stage 5.00-5.30


Enlight describe their mix of progressive, jazz, metal, pop, folk and post-rock as ‘music that glows in the dark’, and once you hear their five-part harmonies, acoustic sections and odd time signatures you’ll understand why.

Poseidon Stage 4.15-4.45

Fierce Mild

On stage with an electric cello, horror movie projections and dreamscape sounds, Fierce Mild draw from cinema, visual art and Australian history as much as any musical influences. We’ve heard audiences have been left speechless.

Atlantis Stage 3.30-4.00


Logic Defies Logic 

Combining experimental, progressive, psychedelic, funky, and metallic sounds, Logic Defies Logic sound like Faith No More, Van Halen, Pantera and Opeth all at the same time. That really does defy logic.

Poseidon Stage 2.45-3.15