The best burger restaurants in Melbourne

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The best burger restaurants in Melbourne



Address: 8 Droop Street, Footscray

Phone: (03) 9687 8838


Instagram: @Eat8bit

Our favourite on the menu: The Double Dragon

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8Bit really is the jewel in Footscray’s crown. And the stand out is the Double Dragon burger. Because two is better than one, you get double the bang for your buck with two patties of great quality beef, double bacon, two strips of traditional American cheese, pickles, American mustard, ketchup, crispy fresh lettuce, and their very own 8bit sauce to give it all a brilliant finish. The Double Dragon is the biggest burger on the 8bit menu. Although it’s not as big as some burgers in town, the ratio of the double ingredients is just right, making it a pretty damn good cheeseburger. If double just isn’t enough, you can pick from their vast selection of side dishes. On offer are beer battered fries, cheese and bacon fries and ‘loaded’ fries. The best Double Dragon burger pairing would be the crispy onion rings with BBQ sauce; they work together brilliantly. There are also optional add-ons for any burger – a lot of regulars opt for an extra beef patty with cheese. Another extremely popular choice is shoving a crispy piece of fried chicken into the burger. For vegos, there’s the fabulous 1up Mushroom Burger, and they have a special that comes around every few months called the Zelda, which is a corn, chickpea and quinoa patty backed up by beetroot relish, American cheese, grilled haloumi cheese, lettuce and 8bit sauce. Watch out for it next month. The Double Dragon burger is $13.50, but add-ons will cost you extra.


Andrew’s Burgers

Address:144 Bridport St, Albert Park

Phone: (03) 9690 2126


Instagram: @Andrewsburgers

Our favourite on the menu: The Andrew’s Burger

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Andrew’s Burgers is quite literally the original Melbourne burger joint. It has been family run for over 75 years and the burger business voted in as Victoria’s best bun, coming in second on TripAdvisor’s list of Top 10 Boutique Burger Joints in Australia. “Second in Australia is amazing,” said manager Greg Mitropoulos. “We pride ourselves on our burgers and being old school. Good luck to all the trendy, new burger joints out there.” Andrew’s Hamburgers have been, and always will be dishing up the quintessential hamburger — classic, well-established recipes served with the promise of an unbelievably tasty burger experience. The Andrew’s Burger contains egg, double smoked bacon, double cheese, Andrew’s beef patty, smashed onions, double cheese, grilled tomatoes, and topped with T sauce. The thing that makes this burger stand out is that it hasn’t changed for over 70 years. It’s truly a burger of the ages, for all ages. With something as old school as this, you really only need a cold Coke and a side of classic chips with sauce. Andrews’s burgers also serves up mum’s old homemade veggie burgers for the herbivores, and word is they are the best going around. The Andrew’s Burger is $11.50.

The B.East 

Address: 80 Lygon St, Brunswick East

Phone: (03) 9036 1456


Instagram: @thebeastburgers

Our favourite on the menu:  The Clint Beastwood

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So the B.East are the self proclaimed burger overlords of Lygon street, and we’ll give it to them, they’ve earned the title. They have just revised, reworked and re-greased their menu, but they have still kept all the old favourites and just injected some fresh genius in the shape of new juicy-good burgers and sides. The menu includes the double-everything Dimmu burger topped with char grilled jalapenos, new maple syrup whipped peanut butter, jack cheddar, bacon and a beef patty. The XXX Sliders have sriracha aioli, roasted pumpkin and quinoa white beans, while the cheech marin veggie burgers have roasted carrot aioli and sweet potato taco crisps. Side wise there are the much loved tater tot nachos and street cart corn char grilled to smokey perfection, rolled in cayenne parmesan and drizzled in chipotle and lime aioli. But lets talk about the hero burger and already a crowd favourite, the Clint Beastwood, boasting an enormous southern fried chicken patty, and made up of dill pickle spears, thousand island dressing, jack cheddar, slaw and added bacon if you wish (yes you do). The Desi Arnaz is the drink we recommend you throw back with the burger. This tangy sherbet cocktail is a twist on the traditional Pisco sour complemented by the rosy sweetness of sloe berries & tartness of lemon zest. Plus my favourite side here is the chilli cheese loaded house beer battered fries, which are best enjoyed while eating burgers and watching some awesome live music. The Clint Beastwood is $14, or $18.50 with a side of poutine.

Burger Boys

Address: 525 Little Lonsdale St, CBD

Phone: (03) 9600 0940


Instagram: @burgerboysmelbourne

Burger Boys is run by two 20-somethings in the city’s law district. After becoming obsessed with Melbourne’s burger scene they taste-tested every burger they could get their hands on – big burgers, little burgers and ones in the middle. They then selected the best elements of their favourites and put them together in their home kitchen to create the perfect hamburger, avoiding any gimmicks. Now Burger Boys have compiled a menu of well thought out and lovingly created burgers. Here are the top four burgers Burger Boys have to offer.

Kentucky Derby

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Kentucky Derby has twice-fried chicken, American hi-melt cheese, Saigon slaw, and some spicy Sriracha Mayo served on a Burger Boys brioche bun. The free range chicken breast is lightly battered and fried twice which gives it that extra crunch. This burger goes particularly well with the sweet potato fries and one of the seasonal IPAs. The Kentucky Derby burger costs $13.

The Classic

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Everyone loves a classic and this one has a 150g beef patty, American hi-melt cheese, streaky bacon, American mustard, ketchup, tomato, red onion, lettuce, kewpie mayo and kosher pickle. The bold combination of tangy American mustard and ketchup make this burger a stand out, and serving a kosher pickle on the side furthers the complex flavour profile. A side of Southern style chicken wings and a pint of crisp pilsner or lager complements this flavour style. The Classic burger costs $12.

The Rushmore

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This is Burger Boys’ real Americana burger and it’s enough to make US expats homesick. You’ve got house onion rings, bacon, a special beef patty, American hi-melt cheese, and sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce has a real smoky flavour, which combines with the deep fried onion rings to create a true American BBQ experience. Pair it with some twice cooked chips as well as a dark ale or stout to add to the smoky richness. The Rushmore burger costs $12.

The Oregon Trail

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This is a really special vegetarian option. The main event of the Oregon Trail is a haloumi slab, then some sweet beetroot relish, rocket, tomato, red onion, kewpie mayo, and a wedge of lemon on side. What’s different about this burger is how the zesty beetroot relish cuts through the saltiness of the haloumi slab. The wedge of lemon can be squeezed onto the haloumi to add a little extra bite. You’re seriously advised to grab some house onion rings, plus a citra hopped pale ale – a perfect complement to the haloumi.
The Oregon Trail costs $12.

The Dandenong Pavilion

Address: 55 – 61 Princes Highway, Dandenong

Phone: (03) 9793 2133


Instagram: @dpavilion


Our favourite on the menu: The McDowwell

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The McDowwell consistently tops the best burgers lists, and the reason is that there is just so much thought that goes into every single aspect of it. The flavour balancing is unmatched. The McDowwell consists of two premium Aussie beef patties that are minced fresh daily, with melted double cheddar and Swiss cheese, lettuce and a secret special sauce in a soft white bun. The special McDowwell sauce has small pickle chunks and horse radish and is a bit of a main attraction itself, as you can find it on the veggie burger as well. The team at Dandenong Pavilion get their buns made for them by a local Italian baker and has a buttery taste to it. This restaurant is family run, and could almost be called the tourist attraction of Dandenong.  The side that comes with the burgers is a simple cup of chips, and the beauty is in the simplicity with a smattering of paprika for kick. Veggos will be pleased with the McClaire Underwood burger, which is a deep fried potato rostie for the patty, cheese, mushrooms, tomato, lettuce and the McDowwell burger sauce. One of the coolest things is the drinks list. You can practically get any type of coffee your hear desires, from a Mexican coffee with Kahlua and whipped cream, an Irish coffee with whiskey and whipped cream, or any style of iced chocolate or mocha. There is also a huge range of cocktails that would honestly go with any burger on the standard menu, and the secret menu. Oh yeah, dont forget to ask for that. The McDowwell is $21.50

Demazzi Stonegrill Essendon

Address: 4/1142 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon

Phone: (03) 9379 5544


Instagram: @demazzi_essendon

Our favourite on the menu: The Lucky Mac

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There’s a bunch of burger experts singling out the Lucky Mac as something really special. Demazzi is a family run restaurant and their stonegrill steaks are their pride and joy. But it’s the burgers that have made them famous. The Lucky Mac has two incredibly juicy, delicious wagyu patties that are grilled to perfection and weigh in at 130g each. They’re seasoned with 12 secret herbs and spices, crispy maple bacon, two slices of American high-melt cheese, optional jalapenos for spice lovers, crisp iceberg lettuce, a brioche bun, traditional American mustard, and the widely adored, home-made mac sauce and ketchup to top it all off. The burger is served with a basket of expertly seasoned, crunchy fries. The Demazzi family take their products very seriously and know the most important aspect of cooking is choosing the right stuff to work with. Let’s take a moment to talk about their mac sauce: it’s made in-house and it’s akin to McDonald’s’ big mac sauce, only worlds better. It adds a unique element to the burger that you just can’t find elsewhere. Tread carefully though, because once you go mac, you never go back. These guys also offer salted caramel popcorn and pretzel shakes to help you wash it down. Oh and don’t forget to take advantage of the cheesy fries upgrade, which incorporates cheesy mac sauce, crispy bacon and spring onion. The Lucky Mac is $21.90 with fries.

Dribbles Burgers

Address: Shop 2/1142 Mt Alexander Road, Essendon

Phone: (03) 9972 3827


Instagram: @dribblesburgers

Our favourite on the menu: Jordan Royale

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This family restaurant has dribbled and bounced into the popular North Essendon precinct, and is the place to be for juicy burgers and ice cold beers. The manager and owner of this new burger joint is the well known and much loved businessman Andy, the owner of Andy’s Place Cafe just across the road. Andy has built a lasting reputation with the locals for hard working and friendly staff as well as the best coffee in the area. The locals who were coming in for the coffees are now staying for the burgers. All of the burgers are named after basketball legends, like the LeBron Burner, the Shaq Stack, and the Birdman. The one that wins our hearts and is a crowd favourite is the Jordan Royale. This burger consists of a beef patty, fresh sweet tomato, lettuce, mustard, cheese and Andy’s own Dribbles sauce, which easily makes the burger as it ties in all of the ingredients. Best to grab the crunchy onion rings on the side and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale to help wash it down. If onion rings aren’t your bag, you can enjoy a side of chilli fries and a range of creamy milk shakes, with flavours such as the peanut butter cup, the salted caramel or our favourite, the strawberry pop tart. Andy has made sure there are options for veggos with a fried mushroom burger on the menu and gluten free kiddos can get themselves a wrap. Make sure to bounce on down. The Jordan Royale is $9.50

Father’s Office Speakeasy Bar & Restaurant

Address: 249 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9825 8999


Instagram: @fathersofficeqv


Our favourite on the menu: The Man Burger

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Just take a walk down Little Lonsdale St and find a set of beautiful wooden doors, walk up the stairs and you’ll find yourself in the old world of the 1920’s prohibition era. Father’s Office Speakeasy Bar & Restaurant is adorned with amazing vintage pieces that line the establishment, including an original Swanston Street sign on the balcony. There is an impressive view of the State Library and it makes this venue a prefect destination for a warm day in the sun. There are cosy chairs inside the main bar, and a huge dining room worthy of royalty. The drinks menu includes a large range of whiskey and rum to mirror underground 1920s, complemented with tap beers from local micro-brewers. The food menu is a sight to see however, with over 30 gluten free options, which is pretty astounding. Our stand out is the Man Burger, which is not for the faint hearted, is made of a milk bun smeared with fried Dijon mustard, topped with 200 grams of grass fed Queensland yearling MSA certified Black Angus beef, two pieces of Swiss cheese, a layer of beer battered fries, two more pieces of Swiss cheese, a fried egg, a full middle rasher of free range and gluten free bacon and chipotle mayo, served with a side of fries. It’s full on. It’s also really damn good and the perfect burger to chase away even the worst of hangovers. I would recommend a side dish, but if you can eat the whole thing you deserve a medal. Good luck. The Man Burger is $20.


Address: 35-37 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Phone: 0458 928 265


Instagram: @goneburgerbar

Our favourite on the menu: The Beef and Bacon Burger

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Goneburger is a sneaky little place as it only appears from 3pm each day, and before that there is no signage, so you wouldn’t even know it’s there. The menu consists of burger names after exactly whats in them, so we’ll chat about our favourite, the Beef and Bacon burger. The Goneburger house crafted beef patty is pretty damn special as its made from their own blend of Victorian grass fed beef chuck and short rib beef, plus their own GB sauce, smoked bacon and caramelised onions, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cheese and pickles on a toasted brioche bun. The patty is made in house from chuck and short rib sourced from Kirkpatrick’s in South Melbourne, one of the only butchers in Melbourne to continue to guarantee their quality by butchering their carcasses onsite.  They then season the beef blend to give it a real savoury punch and gently hand press the meat. The smoky, meaty flavour of the patty is complemented by a tangy BBQ sauce, rich in molasses, smoke and citrus flavour. Char grilled streaky bacon sits on top of sweet caramelised onions and a punchy hit of mustard hit provided by the GB sauce balances out the elements with a sweet and slightly acidic finish to the burger. We add crisp iceberg lettuce, thinly shaved red onion and a soft, buttery Noisette Brioche bun to create a very special burger. There are plenty of beer and wine options to help it down, but our favourites would be an ice cold St Kilda brew on tap or a glass of Dodgy Brothers GSM. Burgers so good … they’ll be goneburger. The Beef and Bacon burger is $12.00

Hello Sam

Address: 760 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Phone: (03) 9973 9551


Instagram: @hellosamcafe

Our favourite on the menu:  The Uncle Sam Burger

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Foodies know Hello Sam as the classy burger joint on the south side of the Yarra. Since opening in October 2013, they’ve been producing gourmet hamburgers that cater for all tastes and dietary persuasions including vegetarian and gluten free. Two years ago the rundown cafe in South Yarra was converted to a vintage burger joint that filled the gap for those of us who wanted a classier burger experience. The mind blowing burger we want to spotlight is the classy Uncle Sam.  It’s an American style burger that comes with a 100% Angus beef patty, American cheese, American mustard, ketchup, pickles, tomato relish and red onion, topped with super crispy fabulous onion rings.   It comes in three sizes – single, double or triple beef. The legend who created the burger featured here, went a bit wild and added a chicken schnitzel, cheddar ale melt, crispy streaky bacon and a hash brown. So get creative, go nuts and build yourself a beast.  Side options include beer battered chips and onion rings.  Try their loaded chips including BBQ and bacon or Mexican nachos topped with salsa, guacamole, shredded tasty cheese and sour cream. If you’re looking for a healthy option, you can’t go past Hello Sam’s Naked Burgers.  Pick any burger on the menu including beef, chicken, salmon, lamb or vegetarian and have it served on a bed of salad, quinoa and slaw – how good is that. The Single Uncle Sam burger starts at $13.50

Kustom Burgers

Address: 861 High St, Thornbury

Phone: (03) 9484 9316

Instagram: @kustomburgers

Our favourite on the menu: F150

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Kustom Burgers is pretty fresh on the Melbourne burger landscape, but they stand up tall next to the best of them. Setting up the joint has been a passion project for Paul Hendrie, who worked hard for two years to turn his dream into a reality. The place is a petrol head’s dream, featuring a car-themed fit out that isn’t just beautifully detailed (they have a burger-shaped landline phone), but includes an actual pick-up truck inside. Fittingly, the burgers have car-themed names, and we’d like to focus on the F150 burger in particular. You can get this beauty in its original form, which merges a 100 per cent grass fed Tasmanian beef patty, with tomato sauce, kustom special sauce, hi-melt American cheese, bacon, onion and lettuce. You can also kustomise it and build up to a F250 or even an F350 by adding an extra beef patty, onion, egg, cheese and bacon. You can get it on either a brioche bun or an old school plain seeded bun, and for especial kustomisation, every burger on the menu can be made with a veggie patty. Sadly these guys don’t have a liquor licence, but don’t fret, it’s possible to have your burger with a beer as they now deliver to local bars. So head to Palino Bar, Carwyn Cellars or Tago Mago and let Kustom burgers bring the magic to you. While there you can choose from a large range of American sodas, like Dr. Pepper, and a fantastic range of milk shakes. For dessert, there are cupcakes that look like burgers. The F150 starts at $13.

The Local Burger Co

Addresses: 687 Rathdown St, North Carlton, Shop 124, Cranbourne Park Shopping Centre, Cranbourne and 114 Bayswater Road, Croydon South

Phones: (03) 9347 7561, (03) 5995 5216 and (03) 9722 9760


Instagram: @thelocalburgerco

Our favourite on the menu: The Beef Bacon and Cheese

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The Local Burger Co is going through a bit of a face lift at the moment and their brand new location in Cranbourne has just opened its doors, ready to welcome burger lovers everywhere. There are new burgers and old burgers, and even limited edition burgers, plus sweet delicious milkshakes, chicken wings and toasted sandwiches, its true comfort food as far as the eye can see. But enough banging on, let’s take some time to focus on a real highlight of this extensive menu, the Beef Bacon and Cheese burger. This beautiful monster contains a premium beef patty with unbelievable maple glazed bacon, classic American cheddar, lettuce, tomato, house made mayonnaise and ketchup. The Maple bacon is to die for but the real stand out is that they Local Burger Co make all of their sauces and milkshake syrups from scratch and in house. The sides are hard to pass up when there are Louisiana hot wings on the menu, and one could almost order a second side of chilli cheese fries because they are just that good. These legends have two vegetarian options on the menu, The Mushroom burger with slow roasted mushrooms, grilled haloumi, eggplant, tomato relish, lettuce and house made mayonnaise. And the Chickpea Burger made of a crispy chickpea patty with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, Spanish onion, Dijon mustard and mayonnaise. I think I’ve found my new local. The Beef Bacon Cheeseburger is $14.50.

Mr. Scruff’s

Address: 60 Smith St, Collingwood

Phone: (03) 9995 3881


Instagram: @mrscruffsbar

Our favourite on the menu: The Beef Burger

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Mr Scruffs really are the cool kids on the block and their burgers live up to the hype. They combine an 100% Australian beef patty, with hi-melt American cheddar, finely chopped and beautifully crisp cos lettuce, diced red onion, delicious sliced pickles and their home-made Mr. Scruff’s special sauce. It’s all held together by a perfectly textured brioche bun. If you’re game, you can always throw on some extras – another patty or two perhaps – to tower the shit out of it. What makes this one stand out is its extreme juiciness and overall simplicity. The flavours are perfectly balanced, the expertly chosen elements really complement each other, and they haven’t over-complicated it at all. Crucially, they only use extremely fresh ingredients, which makes all the difference in the end. We’d recommend you drink beer with your burger. The delicious, extremely saucy poutine also goes nicely on the side, as well as the tasty pork-belly bao bun. But honestly, beer goes best… always beer. If you don’t feel in the mood for beef, you can grab the exact same burger with a veggie patty instead. They use seasonal, fresh ingredients, making it arguably one of the best veggie burgers on offer in Melbourne. The Beef Burger is $10. But you can add extras for extra.


New York Minute

Addresses: 237 Faraday St Carlton, 491 Mount Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds and 211 Nelson Pl, Williamstown

Phones: (03) 9347 1080, 491– (03) 9043 1838 and (03) 9397 8097


Instagram: @newyorkmin

Our favourite on the menu:  The New York Burger

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Want to know what is cool about New York Minute? Their burgers have no added gluten or preservatives. For reals. They also cater to celiacs and those folk who are lactose intolerant. New York Minute is also home to Matt Preston’s famous top ten burger the New York Burger, and the immense burger menu covers Wagyu Beef, Eye fillet, Chicken, Brisket, Pulled Pork and Vegetarian burgers and are all made fresh with no added gluten buns and with homemade patties and sauces. The real hero of the menu, and the namesake is the New York Burger. Enclosed in the amazing bun is two grass fed beef patties, special sauce, premium grade Swiss cheese, imported pickles, with onion and baby spinach. The team have worked hard to source top quality ingredients from artisan bakers, farmers and meat producers to produce their gourmet burger range. All of the beef is grass fed, hormone and anti biotic free. Their pork is a rare breed of Berkshire grass fed pigs, which is again free of any nasties. They also have a Robbins Island Wagyu beef burger which is really showing off some of the finest Wagyu in Australia, and comes from some of the finest pastures of Tasmania which produces world class taste. The team recommend accompanying the burger with a side of 13ml beer battered chips or a homemade side salad and even one of our milk shakes which are made with homemade ice-cream. The cost for a burger and chips would come under $15 which is absolute value. We also cater for gluten free, vegans and vegetarians with fresh homemade patties. The New York Burger is $12.

Perkup Cafe & Burger Bars

Address: 12 Degraves St and 610 Collins St, CBD

Phone: (03) 9671 4069 and (03) 9620 2837


Instagram: @perkupburgers  

Our favourite on the menu: Uberburger

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The dudes at Perkup cafe and burger bars are proud to introduce the brand new Ich bin ein Uberburger (trans: I am the Uberburger), which is affectionately known as the Uberburger. Now we aren’t talking about uber in the taxi sense of the word; this is the ultimate burger with a triple beef patty weighing in at an astonishing 450g, joined by double bacon, triple cheese, chorizo, lettuce, tomatoes, a trio of mustard, mayo, and ketchup, all squished into a brioche bun. This totally insane burger is only available for a limited time, so skip brekkie and lunch and chow down as soon as humanly possible. As an added bonus, if you can actually finish your Uberburger you can show off your amazing talents and get a Polaroid snap on the wall of fame. Still feeling hungry? Match it with some sides, like sweet potato chips, or you can be kind to your body and get a salad. You could also get something that is so wrong it’s right: Perkup offer an extra heart attack option with their Nutella burger that contains strawberries, cream and ice cream in a bun that’s covered in powdered sugar. However, if you want to skip the chest pains you can grab the veggie burger, which has a gourmet veggie patty, mayo, French mustard, salad, beetroot, tomato, avocado and finished off with some sweet chilli sauce. The Uberburger is $24.90.

The Shaw Davey Slum

Address: 171-175 Elgin Street, Carlton

Phone: (03) 9079 2121


Instagram: @theshawdaveyslum


Our favourite on the menu: The Beef and Honey Works Burger

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The Shaw Davey Slum is based around a poverty report written in 1958 by two commissioners named Shaw and Davey about Carlton and surrounding areas. The name is an oxymoron and a celebration to Carlton’s diverse history of a great era for Australian Culture. The Slum is a venue that brings joy from the creative a bright interiors, and makes everyone feel at home with their impressive menu catering to vegans and food intolerants with ease. The venue is just off Lygon St and is going to be a treat in spring and summer with its openable rooftop. There is also a full service dining room focusing on unique Australiana flavours, styled with traditional Australian bush spices. In our opinion the Beef and Honey Works Burger is a testament to Australian culture and tastes. Kicking off with 180grams of MSA graded Black Angus beef patty, marinated to perfection in Australian honey and then char grilled and loaded into a milk bun topped with bacon, a fried egg, fresh pineapple, tasty cheese, lettuce, tomato, beetroot chutney, BBQ sauce and some phenomenal Vegemite mayo, all served with shoestring fries and a salad. It’s a meal for the ultimate aussie battler. The Polenta chips are also pretty impressive and a great choice for a side, and if you have some room left over, you can’t go past the Tim Tam and mint slice cheesecake. You can also take your slum with you and there is a bottelo inside. Come on, you can’t get more aussie than that. The Beef and Honey Works Burger is $14.

Sliders on Tyres

Address: Roving food truck

Phone: 0439 994 608


Instagram: @slidersontyres

Our favourite on the menu: The Double Cheeseburger

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Sliders on Tyres do things differently. When you order a burger, you get two instead of one. Some say this is because they’re small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in fucking deliciousness. I personally could only get through one and a half. As far as total dude food goes, the Double Cheeseburger is pretty bloody awesome. It’s got 100 per cent ground grass-fed beef, smoked cheddar, dill pickle, onion, (secret) SOT burger sauce, stacked into a mini slider-sized brioche bun. The fun thing about food trucks is seeing your meal being cooked right there in the truck, and when you get to see it cooked you know that it’s not just the ingredients that are fresh, but also that the burger in your hand hasn’t been sitting around in a warmer for hours. This is really simple dude food with big flavours. It’s classic comfort food and always a treat when you see SOT parked down the road. Sliders on Tyres do have a vegetarian option as a special, but it’s not a fixture on the menu. So, keep your eye out for the Shroom Slider, which gives you a roast mushroom, BBQ capsicum, spinach, parmesan, and tomato aioli. There are heaps of options that go really well with the sliders, such as the chips. If you’re wise, grab some pea and three cheese arancini balls or some chicken wings .The Double Cheeseburger Slider is $6.50.

Three Crowns Hotel

Address: 365 Victoria St West Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9326 5033


Instagram: @threecrownshotel

Our favourite on the menu: The Triple Crown

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The Three Crowns Hotel is a well established local watering hole with a dirty secret, as the best local establishments do. However this place isn’t home to a debaucherous history, its home to the heart stopping Triple Crown burger. Induce this heart attack with three juicy premium Angus beef patties that are dripping in American cheddar, crispy bacon, diced onion, dill pickle, tomato, baby cos lettuce, with house made fancy sauce, American mustard on sesame brioche bun and a side of French fries. Now despite its intimidating demeanour and sheer beastliness, The Triple Crown is juicy and flavoursome to the last bite. Which are some traits that can elude a burger of such magnitude. Some of the other stars of the American styled menu that are pleasing the masses include the Mac & Cheese Croquettes and killer Buffalo Wings. Then once the food coma hits, they have some tasty craft beers and cider on tap to wash everything down. The younger brother American Cheeseburger kicks off at $18 whilst The Triple Crown in all it’s glory comes in at $26. Both accompanied with French fries. If you don’t want your dinner to kill you, grab a smoked mushroom melt burger which has vegetarians covered, consisting of Panko crumbed house smoked field mushrooms, onion rings, melted American cheddar, tomato, baby cos lettuce dripping in house Ranch sauce on sesame brioche bun. Can someone give me a hell yeah? The Triple Crown is $26 and comes with fries.

Tramway Hotel

Address: 165 Rae St, North Fitzroy

Phone: (03) 9489 6100


Instagram: @tramwayhotel


Our favourite on the menue: The Bacon Cheeseburger

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The Tramway Hotel are famous for their ‘bands who rule’ burgers,but their classic Bacon Cheeseburger is the real star of the show. A mustard-seared, fuckin’ unreal beef patty is cooked to absolute perfection, topped with crispy, streaky, mouth-watering bacon, double tasty cheese, chopped onions, kewpie mayo and rocket on a super fresh griddled milk bun. For some extras you’re recommended to smash down about four pints and a pickled egg chaser. The magic’s conjured by their Canadian head chef, Kyle Curran, who spent the first 31 years of his life living in the town of Sarnia, which is right in between Detroit and Toronto, before moving to Melbourne a few years ago. He learnt the art of a fine burger from some brilliant North American mentors, such as his father, the great Canadian superhero Jeff Curran, who imparted vital knowledge like, “If there is no juice running down your arm, then it’s not a burger”. Similarly, the owner of an old-school burger joint just north of Toronto told him to “Throw the diet book on the grill and watch that sucker burn,” because they’re not cooking salads, they’re making burgers. Healthy eating doesn’t really fit into Tramway’s idea of a quality burger. Nevertheless, they only source quality local produce, which allows them to stick to the burger philosophies Curran learned from his mentors of the past. The Tramway also has stacks of tip-top beer and wine and non-stop great local music on the stereo. You’ll feel like a Viking after this feast. The Bacon Cheeseburger is $15.

Wonky Trolley

Address: 47 Errol St, North Melbourne

Phone: (03) 9328 1781


Instagram: @wonky_trolley

Our favourite on the menu: 3051

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The 3051 takes it name from the postcode of North Melbourne, which is a nod to the local village feel at Wonky Trolley. It’s one of their best selling burgers, made up of a double Gippsland beef patty, double cheese, double free range bacon, lettuce, special Wonky sauce in a brioche bun. The house made Wonky sauce is a real treat – it’s a little bit spicy and a little bit sweet, giving the burger its own unique flavour. The 3051 pairs up well with any of the craft beers in the fridge, and there’s quite a few of them, all of which are only $6 all day, every day. For vegetarians there’s the Vego Burger, which includes a sweet potato patty, salad, relish, and the best two A’s of the condiment family: avocado and aioli. For an extra treat you have to try a $6 shake; the sticky date pudding shake is as sweet and sticky as can be. Wonky Trolley offer a range of new-style and traditional burgers to eat in or take away, and you can get one any day of the week. Wonky Trolley is just 1.5kms from the CBD and just up the road from the Queen Vic Markets, so it’s well worth marking it on your list of burger joints to checkout. Hot tip, if you follow them on Instagram you can check out their secret burgers and new burger specials. The 3051 burger is $14.90.