Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: The B.East

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: The B.East


What do you love about the Melbourne burger scene? Melbourne’s a pretty weird and wonderful world when it comes to burgers. In the past we’ve themed burgers to match bands (Dr Colossus’ Krusty Ribwich Burger anyone?), gotten weird with Krispy Kremes, plus slow cooked, smoked and deep-fried things we possibly shouldn’t and then placed between two buns. Melburnians don’t discriminate against burgers; we’re an inclusive burger society.


According to The B.East, what makes the perfect burger? Singing Kumbaya to the patties as they grill helps. But in all seriousness, fresh ingredients, good seasoning, and balanced flavours. We make everything in house including our ten different housemade sauces.

How do you tackle the challenge of competing in a food hub like Melbourne? Melbourne is filled with an amazing melting pot of food lifestyles, and we like to try and provide something for all of them. Our Vegan Soul Food Mondays have been a hit for vegans keen for a dose of grease, sampling gems like the smoked king mushroom burger. The main menu also carries lots of gluten free options, and of course greasy feast seekers can get a serious hit with burgers such as our triple stacker namesake ‘Beast’ burger or mac’n’cheese bomb filled Holy Cheezus! burger.

What burger do you wish people ordered more? Possibly the ‘Beast’ burger itself. Standing tall, it’s a massive triple stacker with three organic local grassfed beef patties, triple chargrilled bacon, a dash of salad and rivers of chilli cheese sauce on a seeded milk bun.