Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Changz Canteen

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Changz Canteen


Tell us about Changz Canteen. Changz Canteen is a product of the team behind Changz Hot Sauce, specialising in quality burgers and innovative share plates. Everything is made in-house, from hot sauce to bacon to ketchup.



Where does Changz Canteen turn for inspiration? With an ever-changing specials board, featuring anything from American BBQ staples to great seasonal items like Fried Padron Peppers. Our mantra is, ‘If it goes well with good beer and wine and you can get your hands dirty while eating it, it’ll probably wind up on the menu at some point.’


Pickles or no pickles? At Changz Canteen, as well as making our own bacon, ketchup and sauces, we also make our own pickles. For two months of the year we buy over a ton of fresh Boston Cucumbers straight from the market and pump out our pickles for the year. Not only do they end up in every burger, but we also sell our classic garlic and dill pickles as a side.


What is the most ordered burger? Apart from everyone’s go-to, the classic cheeseburger. The undisputed champion of the Changz Canteen menu is the Truffle & Mushroom Double Cheesey. Served with a mushroom ‘ketchup’, truffle and roast garlic aioli and enoki fries, the burger then gets finished with a mound of freshly grated Parmegiano Reggiano.


What burger do you wish people ordered more? As much as the Mushroom Burger is the undisputed champ, the underdog would have to be the Fish Burger.