Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Royal Stacks

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Royal Stacks


Royal Stacks was born… In January 2016.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or all? All.

Where does Royal Stacks turn to for inspiration? Culver’s, Five Guys and In-N-Out.

What do you love about the Melbourne burger scene? I love that our customers love our experimentation, and allow us to push the boundaries on our products, even if sometimes they don’t go to plan.

According to Royal Stacks, what makes the perfect burger? All-Australian, pasture fed beef. So important it’s fresh and pure muscle – no room for trim!

If you could match a tune to Royal Stacks, what would it be?  True Survivor – David Hasselhoff.

Is Royal Stacks making the impact you envisioned? How so? I’d say 50/50. I think we have a long way to go and a lot of improvement ahead.

Pickles, or no pickles? 100% pickles.

What’s a Royal Stacks moment you will always cherish? Our first week at Collins Street. We had put everything on the line. There was so much anxiety before we opened and seeing people respond was so exhilarating.

Describe a Royal Stacks customer walking into your eatery compared to one walking out? How do your burgers change their day? A customer walking into Stacks normally knows exactly what they want and knows they are in for a quick, quality burger. A customer leaving is usually satisfied and hopefully happy.

How many burgers do you turn over in a week? Across all stores approximately 12,000.

What are you most proud of at Royal Stacks? Our people.

How do you tackle the challenge of competing in a food hub like Melbourne? It is so, so difficult. We have to be on the ball 24/7 and cannot afford to slip up. We have to try and keep coming up with new and interesting food ideas, shakes and desserts and try to provide consistent service.

What is the most ordered burger? The Bacon Bacon.

What burger do you wish people ordered more? Double Stack.

Share with us some exciting Royal Stacks news. We are opening in China in early 2018.

What is the right way to stack a burger? There is no right or wrong way. It’s whatever works for you. There are so many great burger places out there. Find the one that best suits you.

The biggest burger sin is… In my opinion, mixing beef, chicken and other proteins in the same sandwich.

Where do you source your ingredients from? Bread from local bakers, cheese from Pure Dairy (the best in the biz), and beef from Delica meats.

Do you accept complicated orders? What’s the craziest order you have received and made? We always accept crazy orders as we allow our customers to dictate what they want and don’t want to eat. I’d say the craziest is anything that @HULKSMASHFOOD orders – too crazy to even repeat. Check out his Insta. He always goes all-out at all the burger places.