Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Cool Bean Kitchen

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Cool Bean Kitchen


Tell us about Cool Bean Kitchen. Cool Bean Kitchen is located out in the industrial area of Moorabbin. Some may miss it, but the big yellow signs crying out burgers are what you’re looking for. This small café has been revamped over the last 12 months and has turned from a small café into one now producing one of Melbourne’s best burgers. They have recently undertaken a new fit-out accommodating for more burgers, shakes and seating along with new hours which now include nights.

What is a must-have on your menu? Some of the items you can’t go past are the mac’n’cheese patty, fried chicken and of course you can’t forget to add sides like loaded tater tots, deep fried mozzarella sticks and chicken wings.

What sets Cool Bean Kitchen apart in the Melbourne burger scene? Cool Bean Kitchen always cook their beef to the tee – juicy throughout, flavourful and never dry. All the ingredients are great, and the majority, if not all, are locally sourced from the area.