Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Masters of Burgerology

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Masters of Burgerology


Tell us about Masters of Burgerology. Masters of Burgerology is a family-owned business, where the owners wanted to create a new diner experience that brought back old-style hospitality and flavour to a new generation of burger lovers.


Where does Masters of Burgerology turn to for inspiration? Our inspiration comes from the old American diners of the ‘50s and ’60s along the USA’s famous Route 66. Our décor is very college-inspired with famous American college pennants and memorabilia to bring that warm, diner feel.


If you could match a tune to Masters of Burgerology, what would it be? Kelis’ Milkshake because they really do bring the boys to the yard.


Is Masters of Burgerology making the impact you envisioned? How so? Masters of Burgerology is definitely making waves with locals and students in Carlton. Our aim was to provide a low cost product that would be affordable for struggling students, but equally tasty. We don’t skimp on quality so our customers are getting the value for money they should be getting, and service with a smile to make their day that much better.


Do you accept complicated orders? What’s the craziest order you have received and made? We do. Some of the UberEats orders we have been receiving this week have been hilarious. The most interesting was the Fratboy with extra egg and extra fish (I’m not sure how this would have tasted with beef, fish, egg and bacon).