Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Fat Jaks

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Fat Jaks


When was Fat Jaks born? We launched Fat Jaks in June 2017 and although we’ve only been open for less than a month, we are seeing a huge influx of customers through the door. We never expected this project to be this popular this fast, but we seem to have hit the spot on exactly what the area was missing. Within our first week of being open, we processed over 1,200 transactions which amazed us. Three weeks on, our numbers are increasing each week.

Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or all? All. Sauce is king after the protein, although you can sauce overload. The best sauce combinations are the ones that are not the standard.

What do you love about the Melbourne burger scene? We haven’t been in the burger scene for long, but it feels as though it is one big community. We have had a few burger bloggers through the door and they are all mates and became mates through eating burgers, which is awesome.

Is Fat Jaks making the impact you envisioned? How so? It has exceeded our expectations. We never imagined Fat Jaks to be as successful as it has been in the early days. We obviously wanted it to be a success but the way the public has embraced us is just mind blowing.

What are you most proud of at Fat Jaks? The opening week. We thought a good week would be 300-400 burgers but after more than doubling it, that has been our most proud moment to date.