Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: The Post Office Hotel

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: The Post Office Hotel


Tell us about the Post Office Hotel. The Post Office Hotel is a classic neighbourhood pub providing good food, booze and tunes to the people of Coburg seven days a week, plus live music four days a week.

What makes the perfect burger? Good meat. Freshly ground, simply seasoned and not overcooked. Rubbish meat means a rubbish burger. 

The biggest burger sin? Eating a burger with a knife and fork. You gotta commit to getting a little messy otherwise what’s the point?

Pickles or no pickles? Pickles, definitely pickles. That’s how you know you’ve become an adult.

What is the most ordered burger? Our classic Coburger: 150gram beef patty, cheese, bacon, tomato, onion, pickle, lettuce, mustard and POH sauce. Solid gold.