Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Three One 2 One

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Beat’s Burgers of Melbourne: Three One 2 One


When was Three One 2 One born? We took over the café in 2015, but started doing burgers seriously in early 2016.

What’s a Three One 2 One moment you will always cherish? Deciding to focus more on burgers and shakes and changing our opening hours to accommodate the dinner crowd. This change of strategy has helped turn a struggling business into a thriving business.

Describe a Three One 2 One customer walking into your eatery compared to one walking out? How do your burgers change their day? Our customers roll out. They always leave satisfied as ordering a burger and shake is quite a big meal.

What is the most ordered burger? Definitely the Kick Ass Mac ‘n’ Cheese Burger. This burger was rated a Top five burger on the Burgers of Melbourne list of 2016.

Share with us some exciting Three One 2 One news. We have just renovated our premises to allow for more available seating. We also now offer dessert, including frozen yoghurt.

What is the right way to stack a burger? Lettuce on the bottom, then beef, cheese, bacon, beef, cheese, bacon, beef, cheese, bacon with the sauce on the top.

Do you accept complicated orders? What’s the craziest order you have received and made? Yes we do. We are known for our big burgers – best to check our Instagram feed and see the kind of craziness our customers get up to. It’s insane.