The best soup in Melbourne

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The best soup in Melbourne

For those that haven’t been impressed by a curry laksa soup in your lifetime, you’re clearly dining at the wrong restaurants. It’s one of the most impressive dishes on offer across the Asian cuisines, and often the most popular during the colder seasons –its hot and spicy elements act as the perfect cosy comforters against the chill. The soup draws origins from Malaysia, and is crafted using coconut milk, noodles, meat, vegetables, and plenty of spices. There are plenty of restaurants that serve laksa, but Chef Lagenda down in Flemington is the only choice for me. Situated next to the widely celebrated Laksa King restaurant – who also serve a decent bowl – the eatery, in my opinion, serves the tastiest laksa in town, with options a mile long. The most popular would be the curry laksa, made from noodles, shrimp, fish cakes and chicken, but although I’m a meat eater myself, I order the vegetarian curry laksa. The charred eggplant in this dish is incredible.

Now onto Greek cuisine, which aside from juicy meats and fresh seafood, offers plenty of soup options I’m sure you have no idea about. Avglolemono sits as the most popular Greek soup, made from chicken broth, rice, lemon and parsley. It’s incredibly simple, fresh, and can be found at most Greek restaurants around town. I’d suggest heading down Oakleigh way where everything authentically Greek resides. Other Greek soups I suggest exploring are Fasolada, made from haricot beans, vegetables and fresh tomato broth, or psarosoupa which is a fish-based soup with rice, vegetables and lemon. Both can be enjoyed at Melbourne’s 24-hour Greek-food establishment Stalactites situated on Lonsdale Street, which I’m sure is no stranger to Melbourne residents.