The best cafes to work at in Melbourne

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The best cafes to work at in Melbourne

Photo via The Diggers Club

For those freelance Beat readers out there, I’m sure you’re no stranger to scoping out WiFi spots around town. But it must be at a place that also serves quality coffee, who have great taste in music, at a suitable volume level, with comfortable seats, and friendly staff – the list goes on. I’ve done the hard yards to help you get some serious work done, and also have a swell time doing it.

So, I’ve spent plenty of time at Mile End Bagels on Johnston Street writing articles; partly as their bagels are the best in town and partly as it’s quite spacious, meaning there’s no laptop clashing going on (which I often experience on communal tables). I order the brisket pastrami with plain crème cheese, pickles and hot ‘n’ seed mustard on a rye bagel. Or, the smoked beef with chive crème cheese, sauerkraut, swiss cheese and horseradish mustard on the everything bagel. Paired with a strong black coffee, it’s a very enjoyable spot to get work done.

Alimentari host two fine establishments on arguably the busiest streets north of the river: Brunswick Street and Smith Street. Both venues are sweet and quaint, and their food offerings have established many a regular visitor. I’m into their meatball wraps with gruyere cheese, mayonnaise and spinach. It’s incredibly rich but also fresh and light. Or I’ll order a combination of salads. Coffees, of course, are a must – although I do enjoy their cocktails, which certainly lubricate my creative mind.

Everyday Coffee is probably where you’ll find me most days banging away at my keyboard. I find their space the most light-filled and inspiring to work in. Rather than savoury lunch options, they’re more pastry and coffee heavy, but the staff are great and so is the music. Yesterday they played The Stone Roses and Brian Jonestown Massacre which are two of my absolute favourites.