Basking in the radiant glow of Hello Sunshine: A day of nostalgic bliss

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Basking in the radiant glow of Hello Sunshine: A day of nostalgic bliss

Hello Sunshine

It’s rare that a festival’s name actually encapsulates its literal sentiment, but that’s exactly what Hello Sunshine did – and more.

Under a canopy of blue skies and the promise of a much-needed hit of vitamin D, music enthusiasts of all ages converged upon Scoreseby’s Caribbean Gardens for a day of good family fun. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as families and friends alike geared up for the impending lineup of homegrown talent, an array of eats from food trucks, whimsical carnival rides and eclectic market stalls.

With the proceedings kicking off at 12pm – courtesy of Anya Alchemy – festival goers eased into the day, equipped with their picnic rugs, camping chairs and eskys. While the more prominent performers were set to take the stage later in the day, there’s no doubt that The Wiggles (Sound System) were among the most anticipated acts of the day. And not to mention the most popular – by way of band tees.

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The Veronicas were always going to be a highlight for the day, declaring to the audience they meant business in their smart casual attire. Launching into their repertoire, Jess and Lisa had the audience dialled in with the infectious, pulsating beat of one of their biggest tracks from their 2005 The Secret Life Of… debut album: ‘Take Me on the Floor’. The Veronica’s fans were much younger when they first sang the lyric, ‘Come on baby we ain’t gonna live forever’, but those eternal words – when strung together – have proven their staying power and are undeniably even more convincing when delivered live on stage. Leaving the crowd sweaty and hyped, they closed out their set with their signature anthem (and highest streamed Spotify song to date), ‘Untouched’.

With the sun high in the sky, Pete Murray took to the stage, immediately casting a spell of serenity over the crowd with his golden melodies. A quarter way into his set, Murray serenaded the audience with the melancholic bliss of his 2005 See the Sun hit, ‘Better Days’. Getting everyone in the feels, Murray dedicated the track to anyone who has experienced struggle – and has made it out of the woods. Clearly striking a chord with many, the applause was one of the biggest of the day so far. And there was more where that came from. Up next Murray performed his 2005 ballad ‘So Beautiful’ from Feeler, which had the crowd singing along from the top of their lungs. True to form, Murray’s performance was a masterclass in musical storytelling, leaving fans yearning for more.

To close out his set, Murray dropped a special surprise, bringing out The Veronicas to produce the backup vocals to the 2003 classic. It was evident how stoked Jess and Lisa were about this, as they bowed in his presence right before they reprised the chorus.

At the stroke of 6:20pm, Bliss n Eso took command of the stage, delivering an uptempo set that had the audience vibing. While the audience was naturally lost in the music, the group took a minute to address global conflict with a message of love and unity before performing their 2010 track ‘Addicted’.

As twilight descended, The Temper Trap took centre stage. The ambience shifted as the sun went down, and a sense of anticipation lingered in the air. Of course they not only sounded on point, but it was a joy to watch the Melbourne-made group play a handful of their 2009 Conditions tracks while smiling from ear to ear. While many bands may wince at the idea of playing their original classics, for The Temper Trap it seemed like a sweet walk down memory lane, particularly as they played ‘Fader’.

Amid the excitement, The Temper Trap lead, Dougy Mandagi excitingly plugged a new album they’ve been working on, proceeding to play a number of its songs, one of which was called Into the Wild. It’s always a bit of a letdown when the band doesn’t play their most prominent song, but for The Temper Trap fans, there was no such despair, because they gave the people what they wanted, closing out their set on a high with ‘Sweet Disposition’. And you best believe it was euphoric.

In a blissful fusion of music and nostalgia, Hello Sunshine proved to be a journey back in time, to simpler days. While older fans reminisced about the bygone eras from which these songs first captured their hearts,  younger punters experienced the greatness for the first time. Many are absolutely looking forward to the festival’s return, which has been locked in for 2025.

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