Australia’s biggest orchid spectacular is coming to Melbourne this month

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Australia’s biggest orchid spectacular is coming to Melbourne this month

orchid spectacular
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Flower power.

The feeling of spring is in the air and the most impressive orchids in the country will soon be on display in the Boxhall Pavilion of KCC Park.

Hosted by the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria, the Melbourne Orchid Spectacular is an annual event that showcases massive floral arrangements, orchid-related art and some of the finest flowers in Australia.

Melbourne Orchid Spectacular

  • The annual event is the largest orchid show in Australia
  • Featuring flower displays, art and orchids for sale, the show is a meet up for orchid enthusiasts across the country
  • It will be on at KCC Park in Skye from August 25 to 27

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With over 25,000 species, it’s no wonder orchids have such a dedicated fan base. Throughout history, they’ve been revered for their delicate beauty, vibrant colours and alluring shapes.


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Often considered a symbol of wealth, power, elegance and even fertility, the orchid is no ordinary flower. The notoriously tricky plants take time, dedication and expertise to grow, which makes the specimens on display at the Melbourne Orchid Spectacular even more special.

As well as the flowers themselves, the event will display a collection of orchid art and photography. It’s also a great place to shop for something new – there will be thousands of orchids on sale.

But the highlight is the competition: each year, the judging team crowns the best displays, seedlings, large and small flowers and, of course, the champion orchid of the year.

There are cash prizes for the winners up to $500 and there is still time to register, so if you think you may have a winning bloom in your collection, you might want to consider stopping by.

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