The future is now: There’s a fully-automated pizza vending machine at Southern Cross Station

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The future is now: There’s a fully-automated pizza vending machine at Southern Cross Station

pizza vending machine
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Mamma mia!

If you’ve ever dreamed of eating a full meal untouched by human hands, today is your lucky day.

There’s a brand-new culinary gem on the scene at Southern Cross Station: a vending machine with the ability to cook a full, steaming hot pizza in just four minutes.

Pizza Vending Machine Melbourne

  • Southern Cross Station has just been blessed with a pizza vending machine set to start service on August 14
  • Designed by the automatic retail company Me Group, the device can cook four pizzas at a time in under five minutes
  • It’s a snack pop-up that’ll remain in place until the station can find permanent stallholders

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It’s a proud moment for our city – while similar devices have been spotted up in Perth and Sydney, Melbourne is the first to get one designed by the automatic retail company, Me Group.

The company has already installed around 600 of them throughout Europe and Asia and they also host a bunch of other automated products including laundromats, photobooths and charging stations.

Although it’s already installed on the second level of the station in front of a now-defunct health store, the pizza machine won’t be ready to operate until August 14, so start camping out now to taste the allegedly “gourmet” creations before the masses.

Affectionately named the Feed.Me, the pizza machine has a touch screen and multiple ovens boasting the ability to whip up four freshly-made pizzas at a time. With flavours including pepperoni, margherita, garlic and cheese and vegan garlic and cheese, the robo-chef will soon have its Lygon St competitors quivering in their boots.

What’s more, the Melbourne pizza vending machine is only the beginning. There are other exclusive vending machines set to be installed at the station, including one selling trading cards and one dedicated to Monster Energy drinks.

There’s already another (similarly dystopian) device set up at the station as well: an automated doggy treat machine peddling premium pet selections from the Australian brand Chewy Chews.

If you’re looking to taste the magic for yourself, don’t wait. Depending on how things go, the device could only be a temporary pop-up while the station looks for more permanent vendors.

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