Australia To Get Three Strikes Web-Blocking?

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Australia To Get Three Strikes Web-Blocking?


Attorney-General George Brandis told the Australian Digital Alliance forum in Canberra he wants to adopt both the ‘three strikes’ rule (ISPs warn infringing customers three times before pulling their account) and web-blocking (rights holders can request ISPs block access to infringing sites). Brandis told the ADA, “This is a complex reform proposal, and how it is paid for is one of the principal unresolved issues. Another option that some stakeholders have raised with me is to provide the federal court with explicit powers to provide for third party injunctions against ISPs, which will ultimately require ISPs to take down websites hosting infringing content.”

Aussies illegally download more music than any others per capita, and movie studios say film piracy costs $1.3 billion each year. Australia’s most downloaded programme was Game Of Thrones last year. But three strikes is expensive, and web-blocking can be circumvented. Brandis wants copyright owners and ISPs to nut out a voluntary agreement. But talks between the two have stalled. At a crunch, Brandis will rule against ISPs. “I firmly believe the fundamental principles of copyright law, the protection of rights of creators and owners, did not change with the advent of the internet and they will not change with the invention of new technologies.”