An axe throwing joint has opened in Melbourne

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An axe throwing joint has opened in Melbourne


If you’ve been looking for a more exciting social sport than bowling or Monopoly, look no further, because the originally Sydney-based MANIAX Axe Throwing phenomenon has you covered with a new spot now open now in Collingwood. 

If you’re concerned about the concept, or apprehensive at the thought of accidentally copping an axe to the head, we have a little statistic for your comfort. MANIAX have had over 40,000 people through their doors to experience the fun activity of axe throwing, with no injuries to date. 

Think of it like darts, but bigger and better. 

Pop in to let off some steam, improve your axe throwing skills for the league competition or get your crew in for one of the many events MANIAX specialises in, including hens/bucks parties, work parties or date night, their hugely popular and always booked out event for couples.