Alon Ilsar announces futuristic, multisensory percussion show

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Alon Ilsar announces futuristic, multisensory percussion show

Alon Ilsar
Words by Staff Writer

Australian drummer, composer, and instrument designer Alon Ilsar will showcase his critically-acclaimed show 'Trigger Happy Visualised' in July.

Ilsar will bring Alon Ilsar Presents: Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ to Melbourne at the Toff in Town on July 3, a show that pushes technological boundaries and blurs the line between man and machine.

Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ is a one hour multisensory percussive experience that utilises the potential of Ilsar’s own instrumental invention, the AirSticks, which allow Ilsar to play his body as if were an infinite array of percussive sounds.

What you need to know

  • Alon Ilsar Presents: Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’
  • The Toff In Town. Sunday 3 July. On stage: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
  • Doors: 5pm door. Tickets $20 via The Toff

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Ilsar is a co-designer and SensiLab researcher of the innovative gestural instrument, dedicating his PhD research to redefining what an instrument can be.

Trigger Happy ‘Visualised’ is a two-man show, combining music from Comatone & Foley’s Trigger Happy with visual artist and programmer Matt Hughes, who digitally visualises the music live. The result is a hypnotic and pulsing performance that features Ilsar conjuring shapes, colours and textures.

“The performance will not only demonstrate the technology we’ve been developing, but it will also give audiences the opportunity to experience the possibilities of this technology first-hand, and challenge their notion of what can be achieved between movement and sound in live performances,” Ilsar says.

“In the show I purposefully keep the audience guessing as to what is real and improvised, and what is predetermined and composed.”

Ilsar’s AirSticks have won plenty of media attention, from performing on triple j’s Like A Version to feature performances on ABC’s The Mix, Sydney’s Vivid Festival, and with both the London Philharmonic, and Bergen Philharmonic just to name a few.

Tickets on sale now. More information: