9 upcoming Melbourne festivals you probably don’t know are happening

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9 upcoming Melbourne festivals you probably don’t know are happening

Melbourne festivals
Words by Benjamin Lamb

Melbourne’s always been a great place for music festivals of all types, there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re into wine, music or even architecture, Melbourne is bound to have something for you.

But due to our vast selection of festivals, some can often fly under the radar, so today we’re shining a light on those festivals you probably didn’t know were happening across Melbourne.

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Dreamland Theme Park

Over a few days in 2022, Luna Park is becoming the spot for Australia’s one and only theme park music festival.

After a number of cancelled dates throughout the last few years, the Dreamland team are back into the swing of it with a March 13 – 14 2022 date. The festival is set to kick off in the mouth of Luna Park, where you’ll get to enjoy unlimited rides, great food and drink options, and lots more. The music will be in the electronic realm, it’ll feature DJ’s and dance performers SCNDL, Press Play, Eliza Brayshaw, Benny Johnstone, Jesse James and Leash to name a few, check out the rest of the lineup here.

With the stunning St Kilda beachscape as a backdrop, the Dreamland Theme Park music festival is set to be great fun.

Pure Festival

Pure Festival is a massive festival that’s going to be taking place at Melbourne Showgrounds, and it’s got the makings of becoming the next Future Music festival.

It’ll feature Australian performers Eric Powell, Christopher Coe, and Carl Cox, who will blow the metaphorical roof off the showgrounds, and it’s even one of the first shows to feature some international performers, Italian dance stars Tale of Us and Mind Against.

It’s a touring festival that’s set to hit all corners of Australia, and tickets are only from around $85 too. It’ll hit Melbourne on April 23 2022, check out more of the info on it all here.

I OH YOU Warehouse Party

Iconic Australian record label I OH YOU work with such artists as Hayley Mary, DMA’s and Jack River, but they’re returning to their roots and putting on a massive warehouse party. This warehouse party is taking place at a massive spot called the Third Day, which is often transformed into a great party spot that features concerts, events, and lots of parties.

This show will feature rockers CLAMM, fresh up and comers Vintage Crop and Program, plus DJ sets from Amyl & The Snuffers, Floodlights and more that you can dive into here.

The show’s taking place on December 19, and tickets are only around $30. Grab them here.

Keep It Together

The Keep It Together Festival is a brand new one and is probably set to be one of our biggest.

It’ll feature some of Australia’s most iconic performers like The Veronicas, Havana Brown and the Stafford Brothers, plus music from up and comers like Omar Dean, Sarah Kabbani and Renee Naccari.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, Keep It Together also features lots of food, fun carnival rides, markets, stalls, and lots more that you can check out here.

Remaining tickets start from around $115 and they can be booked in here.


Curated by the legendary Melbourne group King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard, Timeland is truly a journey into the minds of the six piece. The announcement of this festival comes after their two releases in 2021, L.W. and Butterfly 3000. On top of 6 hours of King Gizz performances, Timeland’s also got music from Harvey Sutherland, Grace Cummings, Gordon Koang, Stonefield, Ajak Kwai, Mod Con and more.

It’s happening Friday December 31 – Sunday January 2, tickets are $349, but it also includes camping, which ends up being a great deal.

Heavenly Minded

Heavenly Minded is yet another new festival on this list, bringing music to Bendigo on January 1, 2022. According to their website, it looks like it’s going to be a memorable affair, the artists performing on an elevated stage with artworks projected behind them.

It’ll feature artists like Nina Las Vegas, who has performed at festivals like Coachella, and Beverly-hills born performer jamejamjamesjames, who is becoming one of our biggest performers in the electronic world.

Tickets are only $70 too or for a little bit more, you can buy a VIP ticket for $200, which allows you to have your own private area, own toilets, and lots more that you can check out in the link below.

Great Australian Beer Festival

Besides music, something that Australia and Melbourne do well is beer. We’ve got a variety of amazing breweries always trying new and special things. This festival celebrates the best of that, you can grab tastings for beer and cider starting around $2, and a full pot for around $6.

It’ll also feature music from a heap of different eras and genres, the lineup features performers like Art vs Science, Badloves and an up and coming band you should definitely know about, Beans.

Tickets start from an easy $45, which you can book in here. It’s going down at Geelong’s Johnstone Park.

National Sustainable Living Festival

This is a great sign of the future, the National Sustainable Living festival has come a long way from small beginnings in regional Victoria to a massive month long festival.

According to their website, you’re able to get involved in an element of the festival called the ‘Bounce Back Melbourne’ program, which you can check more info about here.

There’s not a heap online about the National Sustainable Living Festival, but check out some more info about it here. It takes place throughout the entirety of February 2022.

Made in the 90s

This huge festival has massively flown under the radar in recent times, possibly due to the fact it’s been postponed time and time again due to lockdowns and things of the like. But a date’s been set, Sunday April 2, 2022, when some of the world’s biggest R&B stars from the 90’s will be hitting the Festival Hall stage.

The groups heading there are Black Street, Coolio, Next, and All–4–One to name a few, plus it’ll be hosted by singer Q Parker from 112.

Tickets start from $114, or if you’re feeling extra special, you can go all out on a $418.95 VIP Experience, which includes; a VIP pre show party, welcome drink, meet and greets.

There’s lots more that you can dive into here.