60 Seconds With… Store Bought Cool

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60 Seconds With… Store Bought Cool


Five words that describe your genre:
Rock’n’roll garage pop.

When and why did you start writing and playing music?
Like a lot of people reading this, I can’t imagine not writing or playing music. To write is obviously to express, and rock music is one of the greatest methods of self-expression ever. Store Bought Cool have all been performers and players of music since teenage years, to stop now would be impossible, someone would have to stop for us!

What do you reckon people will say you sound like?
I think Store Bought Cool is not unlike a lot of modern bands in that we are a gumbo of influences, we are a band that has boiled down the essence of garage punk, twee pop, lo-fi and blended in a fistful of rock’n’roll and blues – we are searching to make something pretty fresh from it. Our recipe is good.  SBC are the full sensory experience. We look like a ‘70s Polish circus poster, we wear like a vintage Paul Smith suit over a faded Cramps t-shirt, we drink like Old Crow or a 7 and 7, and we taste like falafels with chilli sauce and garlic with a fruit salad for dessert baby. 

What inspires or has influenced your music the most?
Lyrically this has got to mostly come from Dave D, who is writing from Bohemia, he’s a Lennon style writer, he’s using the 3 minute song as platform for his own experience, he’s talking about his own life and loves.
Musically it’s the complicated family recipe above, it draws much on our shared influences, and in fairness that’s a lot of older stuff like 60’s pop, soul, and rock’n’roll, but I think there’s a lot of kinship in the shared music of all of our youth in the 90’s, so the blues is probably filtered through Jon Spencer and Beck and the garage rock has resonance with the White Stripes and Libertines.

When are you playing live next? Why should people come and see you?
Anybody who is interested in seeing what people are doing with guitar music in Melbourne in 2012 should come and see us play at The Grace Darling on Friday April 27, have a drink and a dance to our songs; they have great hooks, there are multiple singers, we do harmonies, we have energy, you’ll leave with a smile on your dial, and hey – you could even pick up a copy of our single released same day Doing Fine, a slice of lyrical dream pop which we are really proud of. The supports (The Clits, Peter Dickybird, and Wilding) are also effing good too.

If someone made Store Bought: the Biopic who would play you?
Okay. Dave D would like Gary Oldman to play him now, and Lou Taylor Pucci from Thumbsucker to play him as a youth – but coincidentally Matt looks more like Gary Oldman (something around the eyes…or is it his mouth?) and he has that louche charm of new world meets old world weariness – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead. Cara is focused and hardworking – think the kind of parts usually played by Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Garner. For me at first I thought Christopher Walken, but I’m not so quietly menacing, so maybe Breckin Meyer, Jon from Garfield . Jeremy should be played by Renaissance playwright Kit Marlowe, if the band travelled back in time to Elizabethan London, Jeremy would be made court violinist while the rest of us would be trying to bring back the ruff whilst trying to avoid the pox.