20 years of Uone: The celebrated DJ shares ten of his most influential tracks

20 years of Uone: The celebrated DJ shares ten of his most influential tracks

Image by Duncographic

To celebrate 20 years of DJing, we asked Uone to fill us on the tracks that have influenced him most.

It was 2001 in the Victorian surfing town of Shoreham when Uone started his DJing career out of a caravan on his mum’s property. He’s since gone on to to electrify dancefloors across the world, performing everywhere from Burning Man to Glastonbury and beyond.

Now, Uone gets set to embark on his 20th anniversary tour, commencing at Queensland’s Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival on Friday April 23, before hitting Wide Open Space Festival in the Northern Territory the next weekend. Uone will then make his way to Melbourne to perform at New Guernica in mid May, before continuing his 13-date jaunt at locations all across the country.

Setlists for this tour will encompass two decades of influences and personal growth for the artist, pulling from a wide array of sounds and genres. To celebrate what is set to be an epic adventure around Australia, we asked Uone to fill us in on ten of his most influential tracks.

Way Out West – ‘Intensify (PMT Remix)’

I get lost every time in the vocal line, the sustained bass and the simplicity of the addictive breakbeat. When ever I’m feeling emotional, depressed, down and suffering some confusion in my life I find myself turning to this record.

Label: Distinct’ive Breaks Records

Evolution feat. Jayn Hanna – ‘Walking On Fire [Bedrock Records]’

The lyrics, “Do you hear things that you can see”, from this track instantly teleport me back to the age of when I was 17 and my older brother managed to sneak me into a club night called Substance in Melbourne where Lexicon Avenue was headlining.

Label: Bedrock Records

The Free Radicals – ‘Summer Breeze (NuBreed Remix)’

Hands down my favourite breaks record of all time. The first moment I deeply connected with this song was when Phil K dropped it on a Sunday morning on the Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2005. Dancing in the morning sun with friends whilst Phil absolutely took us to another place through music. RIP Phil.

Konrad Black & Ghostman – ‘Medusa’s Smile (Don’t Look Back)’

During the mid 2000s in Melbourne together with some friends, we used to run a deep minimal tech and house party called LAB. ‘Medusa’s Smile (Don’t Look Back)’ became some what of a theme song. The filthy 303 acid line splashed with the street level style vocal brings the perfect dance floor tune. It still gets played regularly in my sets.

Label: Wagon Repair

Minilogue – ‘The Leopard (Extrawelt Remix)’

This could be arguably one of my favourite records of all time. The connection with this track goes so deep, all the the way back to my first performance on the Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2008. One of the headliners that year was the dub master called Ott and I had to play after him. My first track was ‘The Leopard’! Special thanks to Frank and Felix for supporting my music over the years.

Label: Traum Records

Daniel Bortz & Sascha Sibler – ‘Color of Love (Original Mix)’

It’s sunrise in South Africa’s Tankwa Karoo Desert at AfrikaBurn Festival, the year is 2013. We are a top a giant double decker bus, I’m locked in playing a four-hour set blasting out 104 decibels of audio. Suddenly the ‘Colour of Love’ appears in the distance and touches our eyes. This memory will be with me forever. A special shout out to Daniel Popper and Jon Cline for this once in a lifetime moment. Anyone who wants to listen to the set recording, check it out here.

Label: Souvenir Records

DAVI – ‘Two Suns In The Sky (Original Mix)’

The subtle use of audio recordings from Apollo 11 landing on the moon teleport you to another dimension.

Label: Rebellion

Stavroz – ‘The Ginning (Original Mix)’

It’s Sunday afternoon at Bachstelzen Floor at Germany’s infamous Fusion Festival. I’m sitting in the tree top front of house mixing desk, probably close to 250-300 micrograms in my blood stream and this four-piece band called Stavroz from Belgium take to the stage. Their opening track was ‘The Ginning’. After their performance I rushed backstage and told them it was my mission to bring them to Australia.

Label: Delicieuse Records

Goldcap – ‘Mirage (Original Mix)’

In 2016, the Boom Festival (Portugal) directors invited me to close the Alchemy Circle Stage. This would be my third performance at the festival and I was given free rein of a four-hour set to play whatever I wanted. I had recently toured Sabo from Sol Selectas Records to Australia and I was lucky enough to get my hands on Goldcap’s ‘Mirage’. This track is ceremonial grade vibrational magic and was the perfect track to start my set with.

Label: Beat & Path 

Kerala Dust – ‘Maria (Original Mix)’

This is hands down one of my favourite records from the last three years. The suitable homage to Leonard Cohen makes your body melt – the groove is infectious.

Label: Ouie

As part of his 20th anniversary tour, Uone will perform 13 shows around the country. Check out the full list of shows below and keep up to date with Uone at his website.

Friday April 23 – Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival – QLD
Friday April 30 – Wide Open Spaces Festival – NT
Friday May 14 – New Guernica, Melbourne – VIC
Saturday May 22 – Greenwood Hotel, Sydney – NSW
Saturday May 22 – Hotel Harry, Sydney – NSW
Friday May 28 – My Aeon, Melbourne – VIC
Saturday June 05 – Camp Paprika Warehouse Party, Gold Coast – QLD
Sunday June 13 – Millers Warehouse Party, Dromana – VIC
Saturday June 19 – The Stonery, Byron Bay – NSW
Thursday July 01 – Gods Kitchen, Mornington – VIC
Saturday July 03 – Bloom Nightclub, Geelong – VIC
Sunday July 04 – Killing Time Bar, Melbourne – VIC
Saturday August 14 – Housewerk, Adelaide – SA