16 binge-worthy podcasts to listen to in 2022

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16 binge-worthy podcasts to listen to in 2022

2022 best podcasts

It’s a new year and there are already hours upon hours of top-notch podcasts worthy of your attention.

It’s a wide world out there when it comes to podcasts: you can pretty much find anything from informative and educational to entertaining to terrifying, but because there’s so many of them that it can be like a needle in a haystack to find one you like.

With the new year well and truly here, and in the hope of saving you the hassle of finding a podcast by trial and error, we have lined up your summer podcast binges thanks to Acast. Whether you are looking for advice on how to upskill for the new year, looking for a laugh or just wanting to tune out and relax, this list has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a laugh:

Dish Island

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would it be? That’s the question Tegan Higginbotham and Paul Verhoeven ask each week on Dish Island – a food podcast featuring tips, recipes, and hilarious behind-the-scenes stories from your favourite comedians, musicians, chefs and more! From traditional Hainanese Chicken Rice to tantalising toasties, homemade ice cream to butter-soaked crumpets – discover the meals your favourite personalities would happily eat for eternity, and the life lessons they have learnt along the way.

Do Go On

A fact based comedy podcast. Each week Melbourne comedians Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins and Dave Warneke take it in turns to research a topic and report back to the class.

Sex & relationships:

Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Cat’s Out Of The Bag with Cat Henesey explores the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to sex, dating, relationships, and everything in between. Each week, Cat’s Out Of The Bag will give you lighthearted, X-rated entertainment, while also speaking with guests like sex workers, reality TV stars, and exploring topics like mental health, body image, and how to be confident in yourself.

From finances to leadership, listen to these when you’re looking to upskill:

You’re In Good Company

It’s one thing to have the desire to start investing, it’s another to have the information and confidence to take action… We’re here to help!

Hosted by friends Maddy and Sophie, You’re In Good Company is all about starting the conversation and creating a community where we can all feel comfortable and confident to make more informed financial decisions. If you’ve developed some good money habits and are curious about taking the next step towards building financial independence, this show is for you.

Each week, we will be bringing you insightful and thought-provoking experts to help navigate and simplify everything you need to know about taking the plunge into the stock market.

Get Started Investing

Get Started Investing is all about helping beginner investors break down barriers.

We cover ALL the basics that you need to start your investing journey. We unpack all the jargon and confusing bits, hear your investing stories, with the goal of making investing less intimidating – and we want to have a good time along the way.

No Bullsh*t Leadership

No Bullsh!t Leadership is a podcast for leaders who want to become truly exceptional. Each week, your host, Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Martin G Moore, shares the secrets of high performance leadership; the career accelerators that you can’t learn in business school, and your boss is unlikely to share with you. Step away from the theoretical view on leadership, and learn from a successful CEO who’s already walked the path.

Self development:

The BODcast

A podcast created by The Bodzilla to talk body acceptance and positivity.

Created for a community of loving people with a passion for internal and external body love, she’s going to change people’s behaviours and bring all bodies into the mainstream for celebration. Like anywhere you find The Bodzilla, this is a dedicated space of kindness. All topics are discussed with as much inclusion and intersectionality as possible, because she’s here to learn, teach and grow.

What You Will Learn

We’re Adam and Adam, two Aussie blokes that love reading great books. Each week we share the best bits from the best books, and interview the world’s top authors. The books we cover can help you improve every area of your life, from your health to your wealth, from your relationships to your mindset. You’ll learn to pick up healthier habits, and drop the ones that are holding you back. We put the world’s best ideas within your reach, for a fraction of the time it would take to read the full book.


Do you feel like a tragic, hot mess while everyone around you has their life together? You’re not alone.

Navigating your 20s is an absolute whirlwind and there are so many things that we’re supposed to know how to do at this point in our lives but no one stopped to teach us. Like, excuse me! How do I pay my taxes, or have meaningful relationships? Does anyone know how to properly boil an egg?! RELATABLE is your new bestie and go-to guide on how to be an adult with Starr McGowan. Together, we will shine a light on all those super relatable moments and dive deep into all the things you probably wish you knew five years ago. Come along for the ride and maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn something together.

Better Than Yesterday

Better Than Yesterday is a bi-weekly podcast from Osher Günsberg. Every Monday and Friday since 2013, Osher brings his listeners a conversation that hopes to make today a little bit Better Than Yesterday.

Sometimes the conversation is with a person you know, sometimes the conversation is just Osher checking in – but no matter what, each episode you’ll hear something you need to hear.
From Oscar winners to Olympic Gold Medal winners, from highly successful entrepreneurs to high-powered politicians, each conversation focuses on how that guest has managed to make today a little bit Better Than Yesterday, in the hope that you can take some of those lessons and apply them to your own life. Don’t you want today to be a little better?

Shine It Up With Jackie Gillies

Get ready to #ShineShineShine. Jackie Gillies — businesswoman, psychic medium and cast member of The Real Housewives of Melbourne — is bringing her sassy, inspirational and adventurous spirit to her new podcast Shine It Up, With Jackie Gillies. This podcast will offer listeners inspiration and motivation to live their best life as Jackie chats to special guests, answers questions, and shares everything going on in her life.

All about the home:

The Art of Decluttering

Amy Revell and Kirsty Farrugia are Professional Organisers and they chat about how they keep their homes organised and decluttered and how they help their clients to achieve the same.

Reality Reno

A podcast for anyone who lives in a house or apartment, rented or owned and wants to make it a better place to live. Our passion is space, not outer space but beautiful space, fabulous living space. Our mission is to help people create dynamic and inspiring spaces for their homes. But we are not just about space, property and material things… we love people. We are deeply interested in the people we talk to and what makes them tick and what inspires the choices they make in their lives and in their homes. You may know us from our appearances on the Channel 9 show The Block, which provided us with the fantastic opportunity to meet some amazing people who have incredible stories to tell about their adventures through the world of renovation and beyond.

Gripping series that will keep you listening:

Football Belongs

Welcome to Optus Sport’s podcast instalment of the Football Belongs title, with a series charting the cultural threads of Australian society through the lens of nine football matches.

The Football Belongs title was launched by Optus Sport in 2020 to tell the often unheralded stories of Europe’s contribution to Australian football and society.

Hosted by David Davutovic and featuring John Didulica, the inspiration behind the series, as well as a long list of Australian sporting personalities, they will explore how football has played a fundamental role in shaping our nation and examine the game’s struggles to penetrate the mainstream – to the point that the sport continues to get diminished at every turn.

In December 2021, Football Belongs was named the Best Sports Podcast at the 2021 Australian Podcast Awards.

The Elements

Hosted by Australia’s greatest survivor Stuart Diver and from the Gold Walkley award winning audio producer of The Teacher’s Pet, this is The Elements, a new podcast that goes right into the heart of surviving a natural disaster.

For the sport fans:

The Final Word

Cricket for everyone – your friendly guide to the world’s strangest sport. Geoff Lemon and Adam Collins combine match analysis with irreverence, politics and cricket history as they follow the game they love around the world and run in-depth interviews with guests.

If none of these take your fancy, you can explore heaps more here