Yt DiNGO announces Body That Bliss with an eye-popping music video

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Yt DiNGO announces Body That Bliss with an eye-popping music video

Words by Staff Writer

Yt DiNGO is back with a brand-new single, Body That Bliss, dropping on 5 July 2024.

Get ready for a sonic adventure! Bend your knees, roll your hips! Take your pains, plant your seeds, purify that grit! Body That Bliss isn’t just a song—it’s a full-body experience. This high-energy anthem is set to get you on your feet and elevate your spirit. Yt DiNGO’s powerful lyrics and infectious bottom-ended beats will have you appreciating your body like everybody’s watching, and you don’t give two fucks.


  • Brand-new single, Body That Bliss
  • Release Date: 5 July 2024

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About the music video

In the heart of the Gold Coast, Yt DiNGO conjures two vibrant sides of himself: a driven Suit navigating corporate ambitions and a free-spirited Raver embracing life’s chaos. Drawn to the bush, they embark on an enigmatic journey, driven by an urgent call to awaken a hidden balance. Guided by the Dingo, they dance through the wild, their paths intertwining in a subconscious quest for harmony. Yt DiNGO’s dynamic performances as both characters reveal his acting prowess. The video, crafted with Gold Coast’s Jack Purcell (Jackfilmedit), explodes with captivating visuals and symbolic storytelling, leaving viewers electrified by the mysterious balance they pursue. Who or what is it they are called for?

About Yt DiNGO

Travers Ross, aka Yt DiNGO, is a creative force in the music world. With 28 years of professional experience, he’s not just an artist—he’s a storyteller, director, choreographer, and performance art visionary. Yt DiNGO has released two EPs, rocked a three-location tour, and wowed audiences at major festivals. His work delves into themes of identity, cultural connection, and personal growth, earning him a devoted fanbase and critical acclaim. As Yt DiNGO puts it, “If dancing were against the law, I’d be public enemy number one.”

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