You can now fly non-stop from Melbourne to both Seoul and Mumbai

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You can now fly non-stop from Melbourne to both Seoul and Mumbai

Melbourne to Seoul flights
Words by Staff Writer

Asiana Airlines have launched direct flights from Melbourne to Seoul twice-weekly, running every Tuesday and Thursday from 26 December, 2023.

A fortnight after Air India launched Melbourne to Mumbai non-stop flights, Asiana Airlines has followed suit for the large Korean community in Melbourne, allowing tourists and citizens alike to fly as effortlessly as possible between the two countries.

Travellers should be looking at a roughly 10-hour flight time, with the initial flight schedule likely to be a trial with the option to extend to annual flights if successful. See flight schedule with the period until February noted below.

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Beyond its massive economic achievements, South Korea boasts a unique blend of tradition and modernity that has seen it become a cultural powerhouse, especially in recent months. The capital city, Seoul, is a bustling metropolis where towering skyscrapers coexist with ancient palaces and temples. The juxtaposition of the old and the new is a testament to South Korea’s ability to preserve its cultural heritage while embracing progress. Visitors can explore historic sites like Gyeongbokgung Palace, sample traditional cuisine such as kimchi and bulgogi, and experience the warmth of Korean hospitality.

South Korea is also famous for its entertainment industry, particularly the global phenomenon of K-pop. K-pop, or Korean pop music, has captivated audiences worldwide with its catchy tunes, impressive choreography, and charismatic performers. Groups like BTS and BLACKPINK have achieved unprecedented international success, contributing to the global spread of Korean culture.

The Korean Wave, or Hallyu, extends beyond music to include Korean dramas, films, and fashion. South Korean television series, known for their compelling storylines and high production values, have gained a massive following across the globe. The film industry, represented by directors like Bong Joon-ho of Parasite fame, has earned acclaim for its creativity and storytelling.

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