Interested in AI? Australia’s national AI Month starts today, here are the best events happening in Melbourne

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Interested in AI? Australia’s national AI Month starts today, here are the best events happening in Melbourne

AI Month events
Words by Staff Writer

Australia’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) Month launches today, calling on Australians to help shape and plan for the AI future they want to see.

Held from November 15 to December 15, AI Month is an initiative from the National AI Centre (NAIC), which sits within Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO. The initiative will bring together leading AI organisations, entrepreneurs and researchers to showcase the country’s domestic expertise and provide a forum to discuss Australian perspectives on AI.

National AI Centre Director Stela Solar said that AI Month was central to the NAIC’s mission to pave the way for a responsible and inclusive AI future for Australia.

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“The rapid advancements in AI this year have emphasised the need for Australia to seize the AI opportunity and accelerate its global competitiveness,” Solar said. “This month we are encouraging everyone to join in the important conversations to make the AI opportunity real. Together we can shape a responsible and inclusive AI future for Australia.”

More than 50 free and ticketed AI-related events hosted by over 40 organisations will take place across the country. These workshops, panel discussions, hackathons and conferences will highlight AI use cases, opportunities, best practices, and the strength of Australia’s AI industry.

“AI Month is a moment to learn new things, sharpen your skills, and step into new opportunities the future.” Ms Solar said.

Australia’s AI Month was officially launched by the Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon Ed Husic, at the opening of Friend or Foe – The Rise of Artificial Intelligence, a new exhibition by Australian technologist and artist Luke Millanta at Queston this morning.

A key time for the future of AI

One of the prominent trends in the future of AI is the increasing integration of AI into everyday life. From smart homes and virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles and personalized healthcare, AI is poised to become an integral part of our daily existence. The development of more user-friendly interfaces and natural language processing capabilities will enhance human-machine interaction, making AI more accessible and intuitive for a broader audience.

AI’s impact on industries is expected to be profound. Automation powered by AI technologies is likely to revolutionize manufacturing, logistics, and service sectors, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. However, this transformation also brings forth questions about the future of work, with concerns about job displacement coexisting with the potential for new job opportunities in AI-related fields.

Ethical considerations in AI development and deployment will become increasingly crucial. As AI systems become more sophisticated, the need for transparency, accountability, and fairness in their decision-making processes becomes paramount. Addressing biases in AI algorithms and ensuring responsible AI development will be essential to building trust and mitigating potential negative consequences.

Advancements in AI will extend to healthcare, with the potential for personalized medicine, early disease detection, and improved treatment plans. AI algorithms analyzing vast datasets can uncover patterns and correlations that might be challenging for human experts to identify, leading to more accurate diagnoses and tailored medical interventions.

The collaboration between AI and other emerging technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G connectivity, will create synergies that amplify their impact. Smart cities, for instance, could leverage AI to optimize resource allocation, enhance public services, and improve overall urban living.

The future of AI also brings forth challenges related to privacy and security. As AI systems become more integrated into daily life, concerns about the misuse of personal data and the potential for malicious AI applications rise. Striking a balance between innovation and safeguarding individual rights will be a critical aspect of AI governance.

In conclusion, the future of AI holds tremendous potential to revolutionize various aspects of society. While advancements in technology offer exciting possibilities for progress, addressing ethical concerns, ensuring inclusivity, and developing robust regulatory frameworks will be essential in harnessing the full benefits of AI while minimizing its risks. As AI continues to evolve, its responsible and ethical development will be instrumental in shaping a future where artificial intelligence serves humanity positively and inclusively.

AI Month events being held in Melbourne

Monash Data Futures Institute: AI governance and standards: comparative approaches workshop

  • 15th Nov
  • Monash University
  • Melbourne, in-person

This workshop will examine global standards for responsible AI, and the governance via legislation of generic and generative AI that has emerged in Europe, the UK, United States, and their lessons for Australia.

MLAI Aus Inc: AI Hack 2023 Kickoff Event

  • 18th Nov
  • MLAI AUS Inc
  • Melbourne, in-person

Join MLAI AUS Inc for the first iteration of AI Hack, a hackathon specially tailored to the Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence community in Australia. This all-day event will see competing teams go head to head in a contest to create an innovative AI invention.

RMIT University and Data Analytics Hub: Generative AI for Business – a hands-on workshop

  • 21st Nov
  • RMIT Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub
  • Melbourne, in-person

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how generative AI can be used in business to enhance productivity and gain insights from customer data. Hands-on activities and interactive discussions will help participants understand how generative AI can be applied in practice to address business challenges.

GPTStrategic: Generative AI’s Expanding Role in Industry and Enterprise

  • 22nd Nov
  • GPTStrategic
  • Melbourne, in-person

A panel discussion that delves deep into the transformative influence of generative AI across the business landscape. As industries evolve, the capabilities and applications of generative AI are broadening horizons. Hear directly from our panelists and learn first-hand from their experiences pioneering generative AI projects.

National AI Centre: AI in Industry Day

  • 28th Nov
  • National AI Centre
  • Melbourne, in-person

Sponsored by NVIDIA and Fujitsu, AI in Industry Day will explore how this revolutionary technology is playing a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and safety of critical infrastructure. Hear from industry leaders from NVIDIA, Australian Industry Group, Fujitsu, and CSIRO as they showcase projects and demonstrate AI-powered tools that can enhance decision making, staff safety, asset management, and maintenance.

MLAI Aus Inc: AI Hack 2023 Pitch Night

  • 30th Nov
  • MLAI Aus Inc
  • Melbourne, in-person

Join MLAI Aus Inc for a ripper of an evening at the AI Hack 2023 Pitch Night, where our talented teams will showcase their innovative AI solutions tailored to address Australia’s unique challenges. This is your front-row ticket to the future of Australian AI.

University of Melbourne and Melbourne Connect: AI for Disaster Reporting and Forecasting  

  • 1st Dec
  • University of Melbourne and Melbourne Connect
  • Melbourne, in-person

Join Professor Heng Ji from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign as she introduces SmartBook, an innovative framework for automated report generation that goes beyond the capabilities of existing AI models like ChatGPT. She will explore how SmartBook can serve as a unique news event simulator or an intelligent predictor, foreseeing conditions and dimensions related to a disaster scenario

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