YGAP Calling Out To All 5 Cent Pieces

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YGAP Calling Out To All 5 Cent Pieces


Let’s face it – apart from bulking up your wallet 5 cent coins serve little to no purpose. Even fucking parking machines don’t generally accept them, which is undoubtedly the surest indicator of their pending extinction. That is, until YGAP launches its 5cent campaign this Saturday, 5 May.

Fact: There are over $150 million worth of 5 cent coins in circulation. Maybe someone should tell Aloe Blacc. YGAP’s planning to harness the collective value of Australia’s small change to create lasting change globally.

Five famous faces, Chris Judd, DJ Grant Smillie, Brigitte Duclos, Hamish McLachlan and model Kate Peck are backing the movement which will fund five causes here and abroad, including community programs in Australia, Ghana and Rwanda, and education projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia.

Overall YGAP are aiming to collect 1 million individual 5 cent pieces. They need our help.