Work hard, play hard: Why workwear brands are now dominating the fashion landscape

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Work hard, play hard: Why workwear brands are now dominating the fashion landscape

Words by Staff Writer

Long gone are the days when short-shorts, tight singlets and workwear shirts were solely seen sported by the working class of Australia. Nowadays, workwear has permeated its way into everyday fashion for good reason.

Walk down any major street in Australia and you’re likely to see as many people sporting fleece hoodies or cargo short-shorts; just a few of the modern fashion staples that owe their designs and popularity to the job site.

Whether you’re a tradie, casual DIY handyman, or once-a-year on the tools, there is no denying that workwear and the brands that are famous for creating practical, durable, warm and comfortable clothing are ubiquitous.

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It’s for those four reasons that Australia’s contemporary fashion landscape is increasingly dominated by workwear brands, and RSEA Safety and their network of stores are significantly responsible.

The importance of practicality in this trend cannot be overstated. Workpants are the perfect everyday wear; they’re made from durable materials, they’re loose fitting enough to be comfortable but angular enough to be stylish and suitable for a range of environments. They seal off the lower leg, which increases their warmth and helps their fit for shorter people, as well as avoiding the clumsy necessity to roll pants up. As a microcosm of this trend, workpants represent the effortless merging of the practical and the aesthetic that has filled a large space in the world of fashion for workwear to slot in.

With over 80 stores dispersed around the country, RSEA Safety have set themselves aside as one of Australia’s premier workwear retailers. Although the organisation prides itself on its huge range of brands stocked, it also offers equipment hire and support for businesses through custom workwear design and embroidery services.

But it’s brands like Saint Works, Hammer + Field, Carhartt Workwear and Blundstone that stand out as notable and popular stocked options. Brands that are blurring the lines between work-specific wear and that which is suitable for all circumstances. A bringing together of durability, comfort and polish that is capturing the attention of the hordes.

Saint Works

Saint Works started out as a brand that sold motorcycle wear, with the intention to design apparel that wasn’t afflicted by compromise. However, the passion to merge technical fabrics into garments that were stylish and comfortable meant that in the past sacrifices had to be made, compromising style, or safety. Saint Works in turn concocted the world’s first single-layer, CE-approved motorcycle denim. Against all odds they have constructed the unbreakable, all the while retaining peak style. RSEA owns the license to Saint Works and remain the sole stockist of this pioneering workwear brand.

Hammer + Field

Do you play just as hard on the weekends as you work during the week? The new Hammer + Field workwear label have bridged the divide between play and work. Their latest range, available to peruse on RSEA’s website, showcases their versatile workwear that can double down as leisure wear. Casual in style, the quality of their attire is not compromised, as they prioritise function, durability and the demands of the weekly tradie. Hammer + Field is now available at RSEA Safety stores only.


Carhartt have been at the forefront of workwear production in the U.S.A for years now. Whether it’s their notable overalls, jeans, coveralls, jackets, or any other garments they offer that are tailored to workers in the construction and farming industries, Carhartt has stood the test of time and continue to deliver comfortable, toughened workwear that guarantees longevity. Carhartt have become renowned for their utilisation of premium fabrics, implementation of rugged construction, and ultra comfortable fit. RSEA Safety is excited to be an authorised dealer for Carhartt workwear and their dedication to creating workwear that can endure the toughest of conditions in Australia.


Blundstone, originally hailing from the southern island state of Tasmania has held its place in the realm of workwear since 1870. Renowned globally for their incredibly comfortable and sleek iconic elastic sided boots, their extensive range includes gumboots, heavy industrial footwear, and lace-up safety footwear for men & women. The latter has provided for tradies, construction and factory workers, and the everyday boot enthusiast for eons. Perhaps the preliminary example of workwear dominating the fashion landscape, Blundstone’s constant pursuit of innovation in design and production have meant that they sit as one of the leading work and everyday footwear brands in the world. Still developed by a team in Hobart, the brand has stayed true to its origins. Those behind the design use the best resources acquired globally to develop the footwear the world has come to love today. Comfort stands as the driving force behind Blundstone and at RSEA they understand this, stocking a large range of safety footwear, fully kitted out with steel caps, zips and laces in all the right places and an ankle support and overall sturdiness like no other.

As workwear is undeniably becoming a preferred style of clothing for innumerable settings, RSEA Safety are leading the way as stockists for the most versatile of workwear available on the market.

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This article was made in partnership with RSEA.